What is Headlight ECU Repair and How to Troubleshoot?
Saturday, June 20, 2020

What is Headlight ECU Repair and How to Troubleshoot?

What is Auto Headlight?

Although the car headlight looks like a simple piece when you look at it, it is actually an extremely important part of the car. When the vehicle is first viewed from the front, the first thing that catches your eye is the headlights. It has many technical tasks and has a structure that beautifies or changes the design of the vehicle.

Its main task, as it is known, is to illuminate the surroundings while cruising in the dark and to provide the driver with a healthy, safe and safe driving. In addition, the headlights allow them to be seen by other vehicles in foggy or overcast weather. Main beam and low beam headlights are controlled by the driver according to the course of the car.

Car enthusiasts are turning to many headlight options to provide a better appearance and to achieve a healthier ride.

Types of Automobile Headlights

1) Reflector Headlight

They are located inside the headlight and are mirrored parts that reflect light according to the shape of the headlamp. There is a light bulb in front of the reflector and it gives light around or back. The headlight reflects the light to the road due to its shape or with its adjusted angle.

Reflector headlights are one of the lowest cost headlights applied to vehicles. Only halogen lamps are used.

2) Projector (With Lens) Headlights

The function of the lenses ensures that the light from the source is transmitted homogeneously to the path. There are reflectors designed to transmit light straight to the lens. There is a lens after the reflectors, and there is a curtain between the reflector and the lens. The purpose of the curtain is to prevent light from reflecting up from the lens. Thus, the light will not be able to go above the headlight level and will provide safe driving by not disturbing the eyes of oncoming automobile drivers.

Adaptive Headlights

The projector in the adaptip headlight can be directed vertically and laterally with the help of an electric motor. In adaptive headlights, projector setting may depend on the steering angle. Thus, guidance is made with the control unit software with the information coming from the cameras and sensors that constantly monitor the road.

Types of Light Sources

There are halogen, xenon, led, led matrix, laser types.

What is Far Brain Repair?

Headlight brains malfunction due to the wear and tear of the automobile brains you have over time, due to aging and operation. In such cases, the driver of the vehicle creates a great danger both for himself and for other drivers by using his vehicle when it is dark.

How to Troubleshoot Headlight Brain Faults?

As Nitro Mechatronics, we fix your headlight brain malfunctions in our garages and ensure your safe driving continues. Faults are fixed with Autel fault detection devices that we distribute.

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