Airbag Reset Procedure with Renolink ECU Tool
Saturday, June 13, 2020

Airbag Reset Procedure with Renolink ECU Tool

Airbag Reset Process with Renolink ECU Tool

Renolink (ECU-Airbag (reset) - Key)

It is a professional programming device for programming electronic control units in Renault and Dacia vehicles, including recent models.

Renolink has many features such as UCH matching, airbag programming, engine ECU programming, key coding, key deletion, dashboard coding, eprom and flash reading and writing in Renault and Dacia vehicles.

You can connect Renolink programmer device to vehicles via OBD socket and you can easily program and erase memory and introduce units without removing ECU, EPROM and flash drives.

As you know, it is not possible to erase the airbag failure of your vehicle after the accident. But you can do this on the Renolink device. You can reset the airbag unit of the vehicle after the accident.

Thanks to Renolink, you can easily virgin and reprogram parts such as UCH, engine brain, instrument, airbag module, fuse table that install new or used ones on Renault and Dacia vehicles.

Works you can do with Renolink programming device:

* Read / write eprom

* ECU Reset

* Reset the Collision Airbag failure

* Airbag reset

* Airbag programming

* KEY Programming

* TDB (indicator)

* Indicator Programming

* ECM Programming

* UCH Programming

* EPS coding

* EPS Reset

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