Autel PowerScan PS100 Circuit and Wiring Controller
Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Autel PowerScan PS100 Circuit and Wiring Controller

What is the PowerScan PS100 device?

The PowerScan PS100 device is a circuit and installation control device that is equipped with features that will completely vanish ordinary circuit control lamps, which are extremely useful and also beautiful.

Where is the PS100 circuit controller used?

The PS100 device allows you to instantly measure and interpret the frequencies on the electronic circuits, the voltage values ​​and ohm values ​​in a very practical way, at the same time, 12 volts with a single button and the chassis instantly at the end of the gold-tipped conductive needle without the need to strip or cut any cable. It allows you to instantly give to any line you wish

Fuse, sensor and frequency, circuit control measurements are now very easy.

It allows you to make your fuse measurements in a very practical way and allows you to see all sensors operating with frequency very easily, voltage, frequency and dutycycle values ​​in seconds. With the PS100 device, the values ​​of the turbo pressure sensor, the fuel level sensor, the air flowmeter-mass meter (map maf mass) sensors, the values ​​of all the sensors working with pwm, the values ​​of the commonrail pressure sensor, the crank and the eccentric sensors, the pedal values ​​such as the accelerator pedal potentiometer-position sensor. - The frequency on the bus line, the LIN-BUS and K-Line line, the voltage values ​​of the alternator, the position sensor of the EGR valve, the ABS speed sensor values, and the oscilloscope image of the frequencies of all sensors and communication lines, voltage values, resistance values ​​or installation measurements in a very practical way. allows you to do.

Every workshop needs

This device, which should be present in every workshop, will lead our electrician masters to success by breaking new ground in the control pen and will be instrumental in taking steps in the way of electronics.

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