Why is Diesel Particulate Filter Flushing necessary?
Saturday, June 13, 2020

Why is Diesel Particulate Filter Flushing necessary?

Diesel particle filter is available in almost all Euro 4,5,6 diesel vehicles produced after 2006. Before 2009, DPFs were designed as open filters and after 2009 they started to be used as closed DPFs.

This issue has not been studied much by automobile manufacturers, which has been a problem for automobile users in recent years.

Diesel particle filter made of Silicon Carbide and Noble Metal, which resembles honeycomb in structure, keeps and traps the environmentally harmful solid particles in the exhaust. However, the soot held in the diesel particle filter accumulates over time and causes clogging. Pressure sensors on the diesel particle filters measure the level of sediment accumulated in the filter, and if the sediment reaches a critical level, the DPF warning light lights up on the dashboard and the regeneration process begins.

In some cases, the vehicle cannot perform the regeneration process, which prevents the engine from working efficiently due to the excess amount of soot in the filter. In this case, the DPF warning sign lights up continuously on the dashboard and the vehicle protects itself and does not eat gas. In this case, you may have to perform regeneration by driving the vehicle at high speed.If this does not work, you can take your vehicle to a specialist service and regenerate it with the help of the Diagnostic Device and burn the accumulated soot in the DPF.

Generally Diesel Particulate Filter Clogs from the Following Situations

Poor quality fuel

Running the vehicle at idle speed for a long time

Use of particulate filter engine oil

Low-speed usage, such as stop-and-go traffic in Istanbul and metropolitan cities.

Diesel Particulate Filter, which is also found in new generation diesel vehicles, can even bring your DPF to a change in the regeneration process if the necessary precautions are not taken. DPF is always in the top three among the expensive parts on the vehicle. In this case, it is inevitable to wash the diesel particle filter with new generation devices which are our own production.

Where can we do the Diesel Particulate Filter Washing process?

As Nitro Mechatronics Garaj, we clean the Diesel particle filters of all brands and models of diesel particle filters without any problems by maintaining the emission values ​​and originality with the DPF Cleaning device DPF CLEAN PRO, which is our own production.

With DPF CLEAN PRO, your diesel particle filter is cleaned up to 100% with high air pressure and special chemicals made for DPF cleaning. At the end of this process, you won't have to replace your expensive DPF. Your vehicle will be freed from the risk of failure in the engine related to DPF.

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