Ford 9 in 1 Euro 5 Adblue Emulator
Friday, March 19, 2021

Ford 9 in 1 Euro 5 Adblue Emulator

   With the developing technology, there have been changes in the exhaust systems in order to reduce the damage caused by the vehicles to the nature. One of them is Adblue, which has been used for years and has become widespread. Adblue fluid was used in some vehicles manufactured in Europe years ago, and with the emergence of Euro 5 standards, the use of the Adblue system in newly produced vehicles became mandatory. The American originated Ford brand uses the AdBlue system in heavy vehicles such as buses, trucks and trucks.

Adblue fluid is used to achieve Nitrogen oxide (Nox) emission values ​​specified in Euro 5 standards. To comply with Euro 5 standards, the Ford brand uses the SCR catalytic converter in Ford trucks, Ford trucks and Ford buses. The last step of the SCR system is the Adblue system. Adblue sprayer and Adblue tank are used in the Adblue system.

   The use of Adblue is particularly common in Europe. But AdBlue is not available in all countries. Ford heavy vehicles have a special tank for AdBlue fuel. Thus, Adblue fluid does not mix with diesel. Adblue fluid is sprayed into the exhaust gas from the vehicle. It is not used elsewhere. If Adblue decreases in the vehicle, the vehicle will drop from power. It is related to the brain of the vehicle. Some problems arise when vehicles, already loaded with tons, lose power. Since the vehicle loses performance, it burns too much diesel or stops and cannot pull the load.

In order not to fall into these difficult situations, the Adblue solution is provided with the help of the Adblue emulator and the vehicle returns to its former strength. The 9 in 1 AdBlue decoding device can be connected and used to all Euro 5 compliant Ford trucks and Ford trucks. The connection of the Adblue emulator is accomplished by mounting it on the vehicle's engine brain.

 Ford 9 in 1 Euro 5 Adblue emulator does not damage the vehicle. It just turns off the Adblue system. You get rid of all the problems encountered with the Adblue prompt. If the Adblue fluid decreases, runs out, freezes, no change will occur in the vehicle.

 Thanks to the Ford 9 in 1 Euro 5 Adblue emulator, you can get rid of the following problems:

• Deactivates the dosing pump of Ford vehicles.

• You will not be warned because it deactivates the temperature sensors.

• DPF - Turns off the Diesel Particulate Filter.

• Disables fuel injection for system recovery filter.

• Disables the Nox sensor.

             Importance of Ford Euro 5 Adblue Emulator

   Adblue failures are frequently seen in Ford vehicles, which are widely sold in our country, especially with its powerful engine structure and torque option.

AdBlue failures of these vehicles, which are used in heavy and intense field conditions, cause both a lot of financial loss and a loss of time.

After the Ford Euro 5 AdBlue emulator is mounted on the vehicle, it will not malfunction and will not interfere with the use of the vehicle.

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