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How is vehicle brain failure detected?

The vehicle's brain or ECU is the part that ensures the smooth operation of the vehicle's engine and equipment with the data it receives from various engine sensors and other parts of the vehicle. Any malfunction of a particular part will affect the operation of almost all equipment and functions.

Vehicle Brain Failure

When the vehicle battery is discharged and the battery is charged with another battery, a malfunction may occur in the vehicle's brain due to different battery voltages and reverse polarity.

In order to understand the brain malfunction of a vehicle, visual and tests should be done with some tools and equipment. In general, the most common symptoms to understand motor brain injury are;

Engine Brain Failure

The most important symptom is the hazard warning lights. If the vehicle fault lamp is on for no reason, an ecu failure is possible. Unstable operation problem, constant parking problem, but if the source is not the ignition system equipment, the brain feels oxidation, burning image or burning smell. Compared to the past, high performance loss and low traction ignition and disruption of the fuel combustion system, the end of the socket will burn or oxidize if the socket in the brain is damaged. If you frequently encounter connectivity problems and interruptions while connecting a vehicle to an OBD device, the vehicle may stop continuously because it is running at normal idle sometimes and does not maintain idle speed. If the vehicle suddenly comes to a halt while driving at high speed, a problem occurs. If the fuel consumption is found to be unstable and significantly increased, the problem may be caused by the brain of the car engine if the vehicle is jerky and noisy. However, after all these problems have not been thoroughly checked, we cannot necessarily call them malfunction. These symptoms alone are those that can cause owners and craftsmen to control the engine, causing suspicion of the brain.

Why does the brain of the car engine break down?

Common causes of the engine control unit (ECU) in vehicles, insufficient ECU filtration, irregular voltage and current, errors during vehicle acceleration, excessive temperature, etc. In addition to these reasons, there are many reasons that rarely cause engine brain failure.

How to Repair the Defective Brain?

Nitro Mechatronics has produced the brain test simulator called Ecutest. Thanks to this device, it shows exactly what part of the brain has what is wrong. Many brains can be repaired, including Hitachi machine brain repair. In this way, vehicle masters can easily repair engine brains.

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