How to Diagnose MAN Euro6 Vehicles?
Friday, April 24, 2020

How to Diagnose MAN Euro6 Vehicles?

Man T200 diagnostic device is the latest technology diagnostic device used in Man private and authorized services. You can easily connect to Man Euro5 vehicles with this device, which provides the user with a fast and precise diagnosis. This diagnostic device, which causes difficulties when connecting to Euro6 vehicles, has become inadequate with the fact that Euro6 vehicles find more place in the market.

The inadequacy of the Man device has led users to look for other solutions. One of these solutions is the original universal fault detection devices such as Jaltest. Thanks to the studies carried out on each new vehicle, the Jaltest diagnostic device can communicate with the Man Euro6 vehicles without any trouble. You can perform all the operations you want to do without any trouble.

How to diagnose Man Euro6 vehicles with Jaltest diagnostic device?

We enter our Jaltest program, where we can diagnose trucks, trailers, buses, construction equipment, agricultural machinery and light commercial vehicles, and then select the section where trucks and truck vehicles are located. We choose the Man brand among the licenses that are active in the window that appears. On the incoming model screen, you can see all Man brand vehicle models that we can operate. As seen in the list, you can easily connect to Euro6 vehicles and perform troubleshooting. After selecting the Euro6 vehicle from the list and clicking the continue button, you can see all the modules that we can connect to on the screen that appears. You can connect to many modules such as Engine, Brakes, Tachograph, Suspension one by one and perform your operations. In addition, you can perform fault detection on all modules at the same time.

We choose the Electronic Module system of our MAN TGS Euro6 vehicle we have chosen and connect to the Door Module. In the menu on the left, we continue on the "MEASURED VALUES" Option. On the next screen, we select the modules whose status we want to see and start the process. You can examine the instant status of the selected modules in the window that appears. If you wish, you can perform active tests of the systems in your vehicle. On the "DIAGNOSIS" option, you can detect malfunctions in your vehicle, get detailed information about the fault details and how to repair the faults. You can keep the customer record after your transactions are completed you can not relate to a process-related tools Jaltest company of Turkey can only official distributor of Mechatronics Connect with Nitro.

The Jaltest program makes your work very easy with its Turkish language support. You can benefit from all of the repair-related documents in the program, such as the interface of the program, the explanations of the fault codes, in Turkish.

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