How To Find A Steering Fault With The Universal Diagnostic Tool?
Monday, April 27, 2020

How To Find A Steering Fault With The Universal Diagnostic Tool?


Although the first thing people think of when we say steering is automobiles, steering is not limited to this. From toys produced for children to the largest passenger transport vehicles, aircraft are found in all motorized or non-motorized systems where movements should be guided.

In this article, we will talk about the car steering wheels that people think of first.

It is a simple but equally important round part in a car. There is a gear mechanism connected to a shaft and perpendicular to it, and by turning this mechanism, the wheels are turned to the right or left.

This system is called as a gear bar or gear wheel.


There are malfunctions in the steering systems, such as the increase of the steering gap, the unusual noises that occur during the movement of the steering wheel, steering box malfunction, steering shaft malfunction, steering pump, difficult steering of the steering wheel. In addition, malfunctions such as pulling left and right, diving on the road, the inability of the steering wheel to recover during any bend while the vehicle is traveling, weakness in control, front arrangement adjustments occur.


With the Launch diagnostic device, we can fix some steering malfunctions. For angle sensor zeroing, Launch's x-431 Pro4 device works very professionally.

In addition, MSG MS561 Electronic Steering Tester is the best and professional diagnostic tool used in electronic steering wheel repair works.

Allows you to test electronic steering pumps both on-board and on a bench without a vehicle. It can perform steering calibration operations by manually viewing the vehicle's sensor information. You can also troubleshoot Eps malfunctions.


Real-time test results tracking option

Display of all test information on LCD screen

Fast simulation feature on the vehicle

Datebase for 458 vehicle models

83 fault detection cables

No need to disassemble the unit

Software update feature

Easy to use

Quick test procedure

Long-lasting service

1 year warranty (Also, if you buy this device, you can get free training from us.)

Package Included

EPS Controls

Tablet with software installed (Free software update)

Diagnostic device Vpecker

Main cable

USB cable

5 EPS cables

Comes with user manual.

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