How To Tell Steering Pump Failure, What Are The Fault Symptoms?
Wednesday, December 26, 2018

How To Tell Steering Pump Failure, What Are The Fault Symptoms?

The steering pump is normally a durable and long-lasting part. The reason for the failure is due to lack of maintenance or lack of oil.

Steering Pump Failure Symptoms;

Oil leak

Frequent fat loss

If there is noise from the Steering Pump

If the steering wheel has become hard by losing its softness

If there is looseness in the belt, tensioner or bearing assembly

If the steering malfunction warning lamp on the dashboard is lit intermittently or continuously

These situations usually indicate a malfunction in the part. Such malfunctions may be caused by the internal mechanism of the steering pump or caused by peripheral parts.

The steering power bearing pulley may be loose. Hoses may also be lean due to cracks or escapes. In cases such as oil deprivation, when the oil is added, the noise starts to stop, if the noise continues to be heard and there is no change in the steering hardness, it should be checked.

Importance is given to changing the engine oil and transmission oil of the vehicle, but other situations are not taken into consideration. If the steering oil is low or in an old state, it may not be sufficient to just check it. In such cases, the oil must be changed completely in certain periods.

The oil change does not have a specific kilometer, but it is understood from its color and structure that the oil should change. In such cases, it is recommended to drain all the oil in the steering power and to replace the new one.

At the same time, the maintenance of the oil pipes connected to the steering box and the oil reservoir should be done regularly, and if there are any worn or leakages during maintenance, they should be removed. This type of maintenance on the parts reduces the possibility of the part causing problems and the part is durable for a longer period of time.

Hydraulic steering malfunctions can be checked with test benches. Therefore, whether the hydraulic system is active or not can be done without attaching the part to the vehicle.

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