How to Update Mercedes C180 Engine ECU and SCN Coding with Thinktool Pro S Universal Diagnostic Tool?
Monday, April 19, 2021

How to Update Mercedes C180 Engine ECU and SCN Coding with Thinktool Pro S Universal Diagnostic Tool?

The Thinktool Pro S diagnostic device is a diagnostic tool that can perform diagnostics up to 130 brands and models and provides online programming services for up to 15 brands. It dominates all vehicles on the market. There are also 28 different service operations available.

In addition to all these, it intervenes in the vehicles produced in recent years and provides online programming service.

Updating the engine ECU of the Mercedes C180 vehicle

1-Access to vehicle Ecus is provided from diagnosis or smart diagnosis.

2-System selection

3-If you see a text in English on the device, you can use the "Translation" button. (For this, your tablet must be connected to the internet).

4-What we will do is ECM-Engine Control Module

5. The system is entered. We proceed by turning on the ignition open warning.

6-It is connected to the vehicle computer.

7-Then the Control Unit is entered into Programming

8-Control box programming is selected. (We must follow the warnings and make the necessary directions.)

9-Note: While programming the vehicles, we must connect the device with a usb cable. Under normal conditions, while the vehicles can be connected via bluetooth, it is necessary to use a usb cable since there will be data flow in programming processes.

10-The device connects to the server and automatically pulls and downloads the updated files of the vehicle.

11-The download process can take 5-10 minutes. This process depends on file size and internet speed.

12-The warning that we see will show the current control unit software version and the new control unit software version.

13- Follow the instructions below. For example, connect your battery voltage stabilization device to the vehicle etc. as

14-Continue and check that the contact is open.

15- All control modules are programmed.

SCN Coding

The connection to the vehicle is provided from the diagnosis or the smart diagnosis part as above. The system is selected and continued. The screen that appears is entered into the "SCN CODING" section. We follow the instructions of the device and complete our process.

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