Istanbul Adblue Solutions
Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Istanbul Adblue Solutions

What is Adblue?

AdBlue is the trade name for a type of diesel exhaust fluid. AdBlue is used for cleaning exhaust gas in diesel vehicles.

It consists of 67.5 percent pure water and 32.5 percent urea containing clear water. It is a low-odor, non-toxic and low viscosity liquid.

While the engine of the car is running, a very small amount of AdBlue is sprayed into the produced exhaust gas and it minimizes the toxic gas emitted to the environment.

What happens when your Adblue System fails?

After your vehicle is sure that the AdBlue tank is full, your system will notice that there is a problem in your vehicle and turn on your AdBlue warning lamp. If the warning light is not observed, it may cause serious problems in the vehicle.

What should be done when the Adblue system fails?

To eliminate your Adblue failure problem, you need to have your system repaired.

In today's conditions, since the AdBlue system constitutes the general structure of the vehicle, the repair costs will also be high. 90% of the vehicle owners do not accept this repair cost and have the AdBlue system removed.

So how is AdBlue iptlali made?

Although the solution of Adblue problems seems like a very difficult process from the outside, this process is very easy with the expert staff of Nitro Mechatronics.

How many hours does the procedure take?

After visiting our garage, Autel, Launch etc. With our fault detection devices, first of all, fault detection is made, and after there is no factor against the software in the vehicle, the vehicle switches to the software stage. Our expert team firstly connects with our FLEX device from the obd entrance of your vehicle and pulls the original file of the vehicle through the brain.

After the original file of the vehicle is received, the file is sent to our software team. Our software team closes the adblue with software from the part where adbluene is located from the brain maps of the vehicle, after the file is processed, it is thrown back to our garage team and the software file of the vehicle is loaded back to the vehicle with our FLEX device.

After the installation is completed, a fault is detected again and the software is checked. Any malfunction etc. in Adblue. After the errors are not seen, the vehicle is tested again to you. The process takes an average of 45-60 minutes. After the Adblue repair process is done, you will see that your vehicle has the adblue fault lamp.

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