Mercedes Engine ECU Programming and Scn Coding Operations
Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Mercedes Engine ECU Programming and Scn Coding Operations

Mercedes Engine ECU Programming and Scn Coding Operations

Engine ECU Programming (Chip tuning)

Today, vehicles work with sensors and brains. In new generation vehicles manufactured with electronic systems, the systems are managed by the vehicle's engine brain. Ecu, the electronic control unit, controls the entire system with the data from the sensors. The engine brain collects data from sensors to keep the vehicle running in the best conditions, and ecu controls the vehicle's fuel usage. Drivers want to reprogram the brain to reduce fuel consumption and increase vehicle power and performance. Brain programming (chip tuning) devices are required for this process. With the device, the recorded data in the brain is read, backed up, necessary edits are made in the file and the file is reloaded into the engine brain. The intended use of this device is to save fuel and increase performance. Another process performed in Mercedes vehicles is scn coding.

Scn Coding

Scn; Software Calibration Number means software calibration. Problems may arise in the future after the vehicles are released. These problems are resolved with new updates. Scn coding is the process of updating vehicle brains specific to Mercedes vehicles and recalibrating the updated brains to the vehicle. In other words, it is the process of introducing new updated software to the vehicle by connecting to the vehicle engine brain instead of the old problematic software in the vehicles.

Previously, Scn coding was done with the passwords given to Mercedes Benz authorized services or to special services determined by them. But now, this can be done with diagnostic devices without the need for a password.

With Maxisys MS908S Pro and Maxisys Elite diagnostic devices manufactured by Autel, you can perform Scn coding as an authorized service. With the Autel cloud system, you can perform your transaction without a password.

Autel MS908S Pro and Maxisys Elite devices are the right choice for basic operations such as adaptation calibration, fault code reading deletion, live data display, as well as Mercedes online engine brain programming and scn coding operations. It also includes American, Asian and European group vehicles, and provides professional services for online trading in Bmw and Vag group vehicles.

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