Renault Getrag DC4 EDC Transmission Bench Mode Programming
Friday, April 24, 2020

Renault Getrag DC4 EDC Transmission Bench Mode Programming

Renault Getrag DC4 (EDC Transmission) desktop read-write process How?

What is EDC gearbox?

EDC Transmission is a kind of semi-automatic transmission. In this semi-automatic system developed by the Renault brand, there are 6 forward gears. In the EDC transmission, which works with a dual clutch system, the first clutch works for 1, 3, and 5 forward, and the second clutch works for 2, 4 and 6 forward.

In manual geared vehicles, the torque converter determines with what power the vehicle will continue. However, vehicles with semi-automatic transmission and EDC transmission do not have a torque converter. Because the gearbox itself changes gear according to the power it receives from the engine. Here, the gearbox automatically selects the right gear by optimizing the road conditions, the throttle applied by the driver and the power of the engine. It also completes the shifting with the least jolt.

The working principle can be summarized as follows: Transmission gears engage with synchromesh. These gears, each connected to a clutch and moving on two splined shafts, are directed by the command from the processor of the system. While one of the gears is in the desired clutch, the other is in the upper clutch. This facilitates a smooth transition.

The "+" sign on the gearshift body is for manual shifting. Again, the "-" sign on the gear body is used for manual gear reduction. As in other vehicles with automatic transmission, in a car with EDC gearbox, "P" sign means parking, "R" sign means reverse gear, "N" means neutral gear.

Edc Gearbox Chronic Problems and Fault Codes

If you have a "Have your gear box checked" on the display or a professional diagnostic device, for example, if you scan for faults and get one of the specified fault codes, you can easily try the TC by cloning it with Flex if it is not from the sensor after the first detection.

P0705 Transmission gear position sensor, PRNDL input - circuit malfunction

P0706 Transmission gear position sensor - range / performance problem

P0707 Transmission gear position sensor - low input value

P0708 Transmission gear position sensor - high input value

P0709 Transmission gear position sensor - circuit intermittent

P0729 Gear 6 - incorrect ratio

P072B Transmission system - stuck in reverse gear

P072C Transmission system - stuck in 1st gear

P072D Transmission system - stuck in 2nd gear

P072E Transmission system - stuck in 3rd gear

P072F Transmission system - stuck in 4th gear

P0730 Incorrect gear ratio

P0731 Gear 1 - wrong ratio

P0732 Gear 2 - wrong ratio

P0733 Gear 3 - wrong ratio

P0734 Gear 4 - wrong ratio

P0735 Gear 5 - wrong ratio

P0736 Reverse gear - wrong ratio

P073A Transmission system - stuck in 5th gear

P073B Transmission system - stuck in 6th gear

P073C Transmission system - stuck in 7th gear

P073E Transmission system - 1st gear cannot be shifted into

P074A Transmission system - Cannot shift to 2nd gear

How is the cloning process done?

FLEX is used in the transmission brains of automatic transmission vehicles manufactured after 2003, for Flash - Eprom reading and writing and TCU cloning processes.

TCU MANAGER, which is used in coding EDC, DSG, and Transmissions of Renault, Bmw, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda vehicles, is used to put the raw software into the brains and perform the reprogramming operations.

Since it automatically switches the gear depending on the load of the vehicle and the road condition in vehicles with automatic transmission, operations such as carrying an excessive load in the vehicles and constantly stop and go in urban traffic cause malfunctions in the transmission brain of the vehicle day by day.

With the Flex transmission coding and cloning device, the problems of these faults are solved and new programming processes suitable for the vehicle are professionally carried out. You can supply DC4, DSG DQ200, DQ250 and DQ500 obd connection cables by our company, together with the Tcu Manager device that allows you to program through the OBD socket.

Coding and programming processes in DSG gearboxes are done with the Magicmotorsport flex device. The Flex device, which is produced by the Magicmotorsport company and you can program only the transmission brains, offers fast solutions in order for the gearboxes to malfunction and reprogram in vehicles. Moreover, it is possible to program the transmission brains via OBD with this device.

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