Speed Limit Lifting on Mercedes Euro6 Vehicles with Diagnostic Device
Monday, May 11, 2020

Speed Limit Lifting on Mercedes Euro6 Vehicles with Diagnostic Device

What is Jaltest Diagnostic Device?

Jaltest fault detection device is a device that enables diagnostic operations on many electronic systems such as heavy vehicles, work machines, agricultural equipment, buses, trucks and brake systems. With the new system, the Jaltest diagnostic device, which can communicate successfully with many vehicles, we can perform operations that require authorization, such as speed limit removal in the latest Mercedes Euro 6 vehicles.

The Jaltest program is completely in Turkish and the use of the Jaltest device, which offers the same interface for each vehicle group, is very simple. You can perform operations such as reading error codes, deleting and changing parameters on vehicles. You can see the error codes in detail, as well as perform your adaptation and calibration processes. You can examine the causes and solutions of error codes in Turkish.

How to Perform Speed ​​Limit Lifting Procedures in Mercedes Euro 6 Vehicles with Jaltest Diagnostic Device?

With the Jaltest Diagnostic Device, you can easily perform the Expert Mode operations that can be performed on Mercedes vehicles. In addition, you can easily perform the Speed ​​Limit Opening process in new generation Mercedes Euro 6 vehicles.

For the speed limit opening process, we connect the device to the vehicle and run our program.

On the vehicle selection screen, we select our Mercedes vehicle and the model information of our vehicle.

We open the "Special Functions" tab under the "Systems" section on the screen that appears.

From the list of special functions opened on the right, we select the "Change Speed ​​Limit" option and click the "Connect" option at the top right.

We select the appropriate one among the offered connection types and say "Connect" again.

In the window that opens later, it states that the process attempted to be performed will work under "Expert Mode" conditions. To continue, we select the I accept the terms option and click the "Accept" option that opens.

It shows the warning about the speed limit on the incoming screen. Information is given that the speed limit can be changed between 0 and 150 Km / h, which are legal limits. We confirm this window on the right.

On the screen that follows, we approve the warning made to inform the vehicle owner about the operation.

On the screen that opens, we see the "Main Values" of the vehicle. We keep going.

We enter the new speed limit we want to update on the screen.

When we enter a value above 150 Km / h, the program gives a warning as "Input Value Out of Range".

When we enter the appropriate 150 Km / h value and confirm the page, we finally get a warning on the screen telling us to turn the ignition off and on. Finally, we confirm this screen.

We have done the removal of speed limit in Mercedes Euro 6 vehicles within legal limits. However, the legal speed limits differ in each country. This information should not be ignored during the use of the vehicle.

You can visit Nitro Mechatronik Garages for your speed limit lifting operations in your Mercedes vehicles.

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