We Have Examined Autel Maxisys ULTRA Fault Detection and Programming Device!
Monday, September 7, 2020

We Have Examined Autel Maxisys ULTRA Fault Detection and Programming Device!

As Nitro Mekatronik, we always keep track of the products we sell. After sales, we search for solutions meticulously by listening to all kinds of requests, suggestions and complaints of our customers. In short, we support the products we sell with our sales and technical team.

In addition, we also have the opportunity to examine and test the products we sell together on site, by making customer visits, face-to-face meetings.

Let's take a look at the latest Ultra model produced by the Autel brand.

The vehicle we are examining with Autel is the Bmw X5 F15 2018 model. The system of Autel Ultra fault detection device works entirely with BMW's infrastructure. The device, which is processed quickly with fault scans, is very successful.

Online programming and coding processes are carried out with Ultra. Extra operations can be done to the vehicle with customization.

-We can introduce the parts that we added extra from the Adaptations / Conversions section, or if the battery has been changed, it provides the opportunity to see how many amps were installed. Such as intrusion mode, alternative frequency adaptation. When an independent heater is added, coding can be done after installation. You can adapt and code many processes such as tape change adaptation, electric convertible trailer. In addition, different language versions can be added to the vehicle, Led daytime running lights can be programmed.

When we want to do extra coding or programming, the Programming / Coding menu is entered on our tablet.

Then, select the part we changed from the Control Unit List section.

For example, if the process has been done about the engine brain, from the Engine-DDE-Diesel electronic part,

Or, if a combi change has been made in a vehicle, the Combi is entered in the instrument panel section.

Coding of the boiler can be done online. If we want to introduce, the promotion option is clicked.

With our tablet, we can see the vehicle's live data and trouble codes.

Coding processes involve many parts. You can code processes such as transfer case parking brake, hydraulic steering box, parking assistant.

Since the Autel Ultra device is very fast in use, it is preferred by customers. In addition, it is possible to perform online coding and programming operations with Ultra without any charge.

With Ultra, the navigation of the vehicle can be updated, update integration level operation can be done, individual programming can be done with individual programming.

In addition to this, your vehicle parts can be processed.

In short, BMW does not work without coding and programming, no matter what part we attach to the vehicle. However, it is possible to achieve these with Ultra.

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