What Can We Do With Smok Jtag Programming Device?
Thursday, May 14, 2020

What Can We Do With Smok Jtag Programming Device?

What is Smok Jtag?

With Smok Jtag BDM processor programming device, you can easily interfere with many processors produced in Automotive Electronic control units (ECU). You can easily program many control units, especially the airbag, with the Jtag programming device, which you communicate with by connecting to the ECU, and delete the accident addresses of the airbag brains.

In case of malfunction of the airbag and instrument panels, they are repaired. However, in some cases, repairs are not possible. Airbag deployment situation such as a traffic accident is recorded in the Airbag computers. In such cases, the information about the airbag opening, which we call the accident registration address, can be deleted from the airbag brains with the Smok Jtag device.

What is the Indicator?

It is a system where important contents related to the vehicle are controlled. There are important indicator clocks such as speedometer, rev counter, temperature indicator, fuel status indicator. In addition to these indicator clocks, there are many informative sections such as headlight indicators, engine oil pressure and km information. Thanks to the instrument panel, the driver can access all important information about the vehicle. For this reason, the driver should inform him about the terms he does not know and the user manual about the front panel before activating the vehicle. Especially at red warning lights, the vehicle should be stopped and the necessary areas should be checked. This is an important detail to prevent engine damage and unsafe driving. Likewise, the warnings about white should be checked, the reason being that it indicates that the fuel and wiper water are empty. In vehicles with electronic mechanisms, the warning lights do not continuously warn and prevent driving, since they reflect the moment completely.

What is an Airbag?

It is a system that inflates gas or air in the event of a collision in vehicles and ensures the safety of the driver and passengers together with the seat belt. The airbag that is deployed as a result of the impact is opened in a tenth of a second.

The airbag is designed to be activated above a certain speed limit. In Europe, airbags are designed to inflate over 20-25 km / h. This situation is designed to open over 15-20 km / h in America.

Fatal accidents worldwide have visibly decreased after the use of airbags. Apart from that, injuries to the head and chest in smaller accidents have also decreased significantly.

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