What Can We Do With the Launch Bst - 860 Battery Tester?
Saturday, July 25, 2020

What Can We Do With the Launch Bst - 860 Battery Tester?

The new Launch BST - 860 battery system offers complete solutions for 6V, 12V and 24V batteries and connected electrical systems with its linked printer on the tester.

Launch BST - 860 is an easy-to-use handheld battery tester with adjustable screen brightness. In addition to the battery system of the vehicle, it is possible to perform an electrical system test (Charging, Starting, Grounding). Thanks to the integrated printer on the device, you can output battery-related test results to your customers. Thanks to the thermal printer used by the BST - 860, it offers trouble-free use without the need to change the cartridge.

Battery test feature results;

Possibility to test the batteries or accumulators on the vehicle

Possibility to test batteries that are not connected to the vehicle,

Possibility to see the result of the battery test (Good condition or replace the battery)

State of charge (V)

Resistance (MΩ)

Battery life remaining

Selecting the battery type before the test (CCA, SAE, DIN, JIS #, IEC, EN, CA etc.)

In the starter test feature results;

The ability to test the starting efficiency of the battery quickly and easily,

Possibility to view the results on the screen,

It provides the opportunity to test the starter problems of the old battery.

In the grounding test feature results;

Quick and easy testing of engine body and vehicle chassis,

Ability to view the results.

In the alternator test results;

Possibility to control the maximum and minimum charge of the alternator output at 3000 cycles without electrical load,

Possibility to control alternator output maximum and minimum charge at 2000 cycles with electric load,

It offers options such as viewing the results after the test.

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