What Does Diagnostic Mean? What Operations Are Performed With Diagnostic Devices?
Tuesday, April 7, 2020

What Does Diagnostic Mean? What Operations Are Performed With Diagnostic Devices?

What Does Diagnostic Mean?

Diagnostic, which literally means "identify, diagnose, diagnose"; We can say that it is the process of finding a fault on the vehicle in a short time. Diagnostic process is done with devices. With these devices, malfunctions and problems on the vehicle are easily detected. The development of technology has positively affected the automotive industry as well as computers and devices with electronic systems. The vehicles produced have started to be produced with electronic systems, thus the diagnosis of the vehicles has become easier.

Thanks to the diagnostic devices, all kinds of malfunctions in vehicles have begun to be diagnosed. In the past, malfunctions were tried to be found with predictive comments by testing the sounds of the vehicle while driving on the road. In other words, there was a physical determination. And with these interpretations, a wrong diagnosis could be made. This error was eliminated with diagnostic devices. This has been a great convenience for both vehicle users and those dealing with vehicle maintenance and repair works. Finding out whether there is a malfunction in the vehicle or not, correctly diagnosing the malfunction, if any, saves time and money to be spent on a wrong operation. Knowing a diagnostic device that fits your vehicle and the correct use of this device will be of great benefit to you.

How is Diagnostics done?

First of all, you must have a diagnostic device that contains software for your vehicle and is compatible with your vehicle. The diagnostic device is connected to the vehicle's ecu, the electronic control unit, via an obd (on-board diagnostic) socket or via bluetooth. If the device has auto vın technology, the vehicle chassis number is read automatically and information about the vehicle is obtained, but if this feature is not available, the vehicle information must be entered into the program. After connecting to the vehicle, any malfunctions, if any, are displayed. Process is done according to the hardware of your device.

Which Operations Are Performed With Diagnostic Devices?

The operations you will do with the diagnostic device you have will vary depending on the features of your device and its hardware. But with each device, you can perform basic operations such as reading and deleting fault codes, viewing live data, fault light reset and shutdown. With a more equipped device, you can connect to more brand models and perform operations such as coding programming.

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