What is a Diagnostic Tool?
Friday, May 15, 2020

What is a Diagnostic Tool?

Fault detection device has increased the use of electronic systems and sensors, especially in the automotive industry in recent years. The development of the Automotive Sector continues to develop in direct proportion to the development of the electronics sector. The number of electronic systems we call Ecu, which are used in modern vehicles today, continues to increase day by day.

Among the factors driving this Development are Comfort, Low fuel economy, entertainment systems and people want to know more about vehicle operation.

Half of the cost of cars produced in recent years will continue to be electronic systems.

What are the bus systems that are considered to be used in today's technology?

The bus systems used and thought to be used in today's cars are as follows.

• CAN Bus: CAN (Controller Area Network) bus is today's most used system developed by Bosch.

LIN Bus: LIN bus is a cheaper and less problematic data bus system implemented as an option.

• MOST Bus: MOST is a network established mainly for the connection of media and entertainment devices in cars.

• FlexRay: FlexRay is a data bus structure that is planned to be used in cars of the future, especially suitable for x-bywire applications in terms of reliability.

Cars, as you can see, are moving towards a more complex structure. As the electronic systems in vehicles increase, the errors and malfunctions in vehicles continue to increase more. To find these Faults, a fault detector has been produced to fix the faults.

What is a Diagnostic Device?

It is a diagnostic system that allows to see the errors of all ECUs in vehicles by connecting from the diagnostic socket called obd (on board diagnostics) after 2000. With fault detection devices, you can read and delete error codes of ECUs, calibrate and adapt all systems.

What are the Usage Areas of the Diagnostic Device?

Excavation companies, Authorized services, Special Services; It can be used in all heavy vehicles, passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, construction machines, marine, fixed motor vehicles.

Where Can I Find The Best and Affordable Diagnostic Device?

You can find the most affordable and good diagnostic devices from all branches of Nitro Mekatronik Automotive testing equipment company. You can get the warranty, after-sales technical support and training of the device you bought.

With its professional team, you will be offered the most affordable, quality and guaranteed devices according to your every need.

Thanks to the fault detection device, you can work in accordance with today's technology and adapt faster to newly produced vehicles.

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