What is an Easytronic transmission? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
Saturday, February 29, 2020

What is an Easytronic transmission? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The Easytronic transmission is the fully automatic transmission that comes to mind when it comes to gear, but it is actually a fully automated manual transmission. It is called tiptronic gearbox. The Easytronic transmission gear was generally produced in the early 2000s and is still in production today. The Easytronic transmission is the only manual gear with electronic clutch. For this reason, it can be called semi-automatic. The reason it is compatible with other transmissions is that it has 2 pedals in the vehicle.

Easytronic transmission system contains an ecu that manages the system. One of the most important features of the electronic components in the Easytronic transmission system is to try not to make the transitions feel. Shift shifts, a common problem with single-concept transmissions, are also experienced in easytronic transmissions. As the pressed lining in the vehicle wears, the shaking may increase.

The Easytronic transmission is not quick when shifting gears and may jerk in small gear shifts.

  • What are the advantages of Easyronic gearbox
  • Low cost compared to double clutch gearboxes.
  • Fuel consumption is lower.
  • It is more economical in vehicle maintenance.
  • The tool can be used both automatically and manually.
  • There are some special modules in it according to other transmission models. In some vehicle brands and models, easyronic gearboxes have systems such as esp and hill start support.

What are the disadvantages of Easytronic gearbox

It makes jolts in gear shifts.

Comfort rate is low compared to fully automatic transmissions.

It is not suitable for sports use.

If the vehicle does not have a hill start support, it scrolls back in hill departures.

Things to consider in Easytronic gearbox

In 2007 model and below vehicles with easytronic transmission, a lot of problems have been experienced, especially in the Opel group. Some of these problems are;

Gear shifts are stiff.

It is necessary to calibrate the transmission for easytronic transmission vehicles that are close to the end of the pressure lining.

If the F error is received, the battery and vehicle lighting in the vehicle must be checked. Because it is the type of transmission that works with an electronic system. If there is no problem with the battery or lighting, the transmission checks should be done.

After a certain mileage, easytronic gearboxes contain coal. Their coals need to be changed.

It is more useful to use manual gear in vehicles with easyrtonic transmission gears on ramp roads.

Some Products Used for Easytronic Transmission Repair and Calibration

With the IO Terminal Easytronic package, the software of the transmission brain can be read in Opel and Ford vehicles, the software of the old transmission can be transferred to the new transmission and encoded.

Regardless of brand, the transmission brain software changes and adapts to each other.

With the Opel Mdi diagnostic device, you can not only interfere with easytronic transmissions, you can diagnose and perform many operations. You can perform many operations such as fault reading and deletion, seeing live values, adaptation and calibration with mdi device.

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