Monday, April 13, 2020


What is Dyno (Dynamometer) Test What Does It Do?

You have decided to buy a car and you have found a suitable car for yourself. Have you thought about having a dyno test before buying this vehicle? Or do you have any idea what a Dyno is?

In short, the dyno test is an application that allows you to see all the data features, technical and hardware information of the vehicle. This application is performed with a system with computerized hardware with dyno test devices. It is a test that measures the engine performance of the vehicle and how much this performance is transferred to the powertrain and the power losses experienced.

Testing of engine performance and controls related to this component are at the top of the inspection companies and vehicle inspections.

The dynoMAG device of the best and most ambitious Magicmotorsport brand on the market is the professional device used for this application. DynoMag is the favorite of technology in performance, analysis and analyzing these analyzes. You can test the effects of the Dyno application on the vehicle in a simple and reliable way. In addition, it is an indispensable device for those who do chiptuning work.

1-It has measuring over 600 PS for each flow and has a production quality at the maximum level.

2-It has software and is produced in accordance with your field of business.It has been designed with

3-ventilation system.

How is a dyno test done?

With the Dyno tester, measurements are made by grasping the tires bilaterally and by affecting the cylinder parts. The power supply transmitted to the engine and tires of the vehicle is instantly checked.

For the test disc, the power transmission system is checked first. The test type to be inserted in the test is determined. It can be asked whether it is front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. After this stage, the vehicle is put on the dyno tester and the tires are put on the cylinders. On the cylinders, the vehicle is positioned as if the vehicle is running under normal road conditions. The airflow device is placed on the front of the vehicle. The purpose of this place is to allow the engine to transfer its current to the cooling process and in some places in normal conditions to prevent the engine from being exposed to high temperatures while operating at full throttle.

When tested, it is securely fastened on all sides with belts to prevent it from slipping and moving from the dyno. In the case of operation, it is brought to a level that can reach a speed of 200-250 km during the test. The person who gets in and starts the vehicle. All data will start to be recorded in the computer program as the ignition is turned. At the end of the test, access to measurement information of values ​​such as engine performance graphs, torque, power and acceleration graphs, horsepower, resistance, power transmission organs, power losses will be provided.

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