What is EPS?
Wednesday, February 19, 2020

What is EPS?

Eps (electric power steering) could be an example of the automotive industry's slow transition from power steering to electricity. One of the biggest reasons for the transition from power steering to electronically controlled steering is increased fuel. The Eps system allows to work at low vehicle speeds and higher performance, so it is more fuel efficient than hydraulic systems.

The operating logic of the Eps request electronic control unit (ecu) calculates the support force required to the torque applied to the steering wheel, the speed of the vehicle and the position of the steering wheel.

High model vehicles have more than one ecu (brain) as well as a module that enables the electronic system to operate, control and command inside the steering wheel. It is contained in the electric motor as a single piece. It communicates with other modules via the can-bus data communication path. It regulates the operation of the system according to the signals coming from the sensors.

EPS Failure Symptoms

If the EPS warning lamp is on and the steering wheel is stiff, the vehicle is giving an Eps fault. This has become a chronic problem that often appears in Opel vehicles. Failure occurs because the electric steering pump does not function properly, the module on the vehicle will not function.

Electric Steering System Repair

In the electric steering system, there is an electric hydraulic pump instead of a hydraulic pump.

The electronic steering pump must either be reprogrammed or replaced. There are various programming devices for these operations. If you replace the electric steering pump directly, it will still not work. It is necessary to take the file inside the old steering pump and write it to the new steering pump.

Opel / GM Eps programming

In the Opel steering pump failure, which has become chronic, the eps module, that is, the electronic steering pump, is replaced. Electronic steering pump replacement can be done easily with the Io terminal ecu programming device. You can read the software inside the old steering pump and write it into the new steering pump.

Supported Ecular

EPS BOSCH 70F3187 + 95080 70F3187 FLASH R / W 95080 EEPROM R / W. CAN (OBD).

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