Thursday, February 21, 2019


Starter motor is one of the most important parts of the car. The starter motor is a small part but without this part the vehicle will not start. It works with the electricity it takes from the accumulator and enables the flywheel gears of the vehicle to rotate. With the rotation of the gear, the fuel and air in the vehicle fill into the engine.

The starter engine is activated when the ignition is turned. As soon as the key is turned, the gear on the starter engages with the gear connected to the crankshaft. The flywheel transmits the rotational force to the crankshaft. The atmosphere in the vehicle and fuel mixes with each other and fills the engine. If you keep the key still twisted after the engine is initialized, you will damage the starter. This situation shortens the life of the starter engine. When you turn on the ignition, the gears will hit each other and you will continue the collision as long as you keep the key turned.

Alternator is a product that meets our electricity needs in places where there is no electricity. It converts mechanical energy into alternating current. Alternating current is an alternating current. Apart from the alternating current electronic devices, it is used in electrical household appliances, shops and homes.

The alternator converts the motion it receives from the engine into electricity. The system that converts the motion energy of the engine into electricity is the Alternator.

The  generates electricity, charging the battery and meeting the needs of systems operating with electricity. Especially when the engine is started, the battery current gives a lot of current and therefore the battery must always remain charged.

MS004 COM device produced by MSG company is used for fast and high quality fault detection of starter motors, alternators and voltage regulators. Test Bench for Starter Motor and Alternators has high power. Since the equipment is small in size, it can be placed both in small services and in large specialist garages.

MS004 COM Device can also test different alternators under load up to 100a.

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