Where is Adana Vehicle Diagnosis Done?
Friday, October 30, 2020

Where is Adana Vehicle Diagnosis Done?

Where is Adana Vehicle Diagnosis Done?

Due to the continuous development of automotive technology and the widespread use of electronic applications in vehicles, automotive test equipment and diagnostic devices are becoming more and more important. As new systems are used more and more in vehicles, the need for professional diagnostic equipment increases.

The equipment used to instantly detect malfunctions in all vehicles, including passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy vehicle groups, and to solve problems that occur in vehicles are called diagnostic equipment. Detecting the malfunctions in the vehicle easily saves you both in terms of time and money. And with these equipment, it is easier than ever to detect minor damage to the vehicle as soon as possible, to deal with it easily and to find the cause of the vehicle problem.

How to Troubleshoot?

Priority, the most accurate diagnostic device should be used for the vehicle.

The communication cable of the diagnostic device must be connected to the OBD socket of the vehicle.

The vehicle's ignition must be switched on for fault detection.

When the connections are made correctly, communication with Ecu is established.

It can scan the system in the vehicle through the program installed on your computer.

If the system finds a fault, it gives the fault as a code, and a description is found next to the fault code.

After fault detection, if there is an error, it can be deleted via Ecu. If there is a communication failure or temporary failure, the diagnostic device clears the failure via the engine computer.

If the scan does not show an error when it is done again, the process is successful. If there is the same error warning, it is a permanent failure and should be deleted after repair.

If there is a change of part or sensor on the vehicle in case of permanent failure, its adaptation should be made.

You can visit Adana Nitro Mekatronik for all your fault detection and diagnostic procedures.

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