Which Vehicles is the Launch Hd Box Diagnostic Device Compatible with?
Friday, July 17, 2020

Which Vehicles is the Launch Hd Box Diagnostic Device Compatible with?

It is a universal fault detection device specially produced by Launch company for heavy vehicle group. The Launch Hd Box Heavy vehicle diagnostic device is compatible with Launch Pro4 and Launch Euro TAB models. It provides ease of use with its Android tablet structure and allows you to connect with tools in a more rapid manner.

Launch HD Box can communicate with heavy vehicles manufactured in Asia, Europe and America. In this way, more than 70 heavy vehicles can be connected to vehicles, and you can easily intervene in systems such as engine, abs, retardar, SCR, adblue, gearbox, indicator.

With its impact resistant design, it gives you confidence in difficult working areas and does not break. With a wireless connection, you can work more comfortably without having to stop in the vehicle, and you can check the instant values ​​of the vehicle while watching the vehicle. You can connect to every vehicle that comes with a cable set suitable for all vehicles and you can easily perform operations such as fault detection, display of live values, calibration, adaptation, DPF regeneration, part introduction, cylinder compression tests, injector tests and service light reset.

CAT, Cummins, Detroit, Freight-liner, Fuso, Hino, International, Isuzu, KW, Peterbilt, Sterling, Volvo
Allison gearbox, Eaton gearbox and other gearboxes
It supports ABS, wabco and bendix and more vehicles and models as brake systems.

Wide vehicle coverage of over 100 vehicle brands and ability to perform complete diagnostics on all vehicle systems
Part activation tests, adaptation, calibration and online programming
Service indicator reset, adaptation and calibration
Special functions
Comprehensive troubleshooting
Smart Chassis number search system and automatic vehicle brand search functions
Simple and fast fault code reading, deletion and online search
You can view the data stream in different formats (graphic, digital format, Preset value etc.)
Automatic system reading and identification with VIN search function
Remote diagnostic functions with a Pro, Pro3, Pro4, Pad II or compatible scanner such as Golo carcare, Golo X
* Specifications, make, model and car specific electronic system may vary.

Database compatible with diagnostic systems
Analyze and solve problems with a powerful database (circuit diagram, part location, validated regulations and tips)
New easy to use interface
User-friendly interface with familiar functions in one screen.
Error code and live data display screen that can be viewed in different formats
Intelligent diagnostic report
Displays the Fault code status for each ECU.
Ability to save as screenshot and PDF
Printing with the optional Wifi printer is very easy
Updating in one click
Software update at the click of a button, simply and easily
Update reminder feature and easily accessible update information
Comprehensive functions and optional modules
It can also be used as a normal tool, applications can be downloaded and used.
Fault detection history & fast access: You can access historical diagnostic data and check the results on the Euro pro4 device.

The "quick access" feature provides quick connection to the device you have previously tested.

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ibrahim | an month ago

launch ağır vasıta arıza tespit cihazı ısuzu dpf jenerasyonu yapıyor mu ?

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