Wednesday, October 21, 2020


With the Jaltest Link device, you can perform diagnostics without the need for any service equipment. The Jaltest product is a diagnostic device that constantly monitors the latest brands and models. This product allows you to perform the special operations of the brands in a technical way.

For example, you have replaced the compressed air motor in a Fiat or Mercedes vehicle and need to code APM or adjust the clutch after replacing the pressure pad on a MAN vehicle. If you make the necessary diagnostic connections to the Jaltest Link Kit device and enter your information with the user name and password provided when purchasing the product, you can complete this process within seconds by using the 4-digit expert mode password you receive free of charge.

Using a Jaltest Link device as described, you can perform a significant amount of brand-specific adaptive coding with an expert mode password. In Turkey, the most widely used MAN, Mercedes, Scania, DAF, Ford Cargo, Renault, Volvo, Iveco, Isuzu, Deutz, Cummins, be coded as to reset the lamp in a motor vehicle and allows the construction of all tests. For example, if you need to test your vehicle's injectors, the number of injectors, or if you need to test its compression, you can select the appropriate test with Jaltest after selecting the make and model of your vehicle, and you can accurately understand what is wrong with which injector and cylinder of your vehicle.

Transactions Made to the Vehicle Coming to Service with Jaltest

If you have connected your Jaltest diagnostic device to the vehicle coming to your service and you do not have any information about the location and connection of the sensor when you read the fault codes, you can click the schematics button on the left side of the Jaltest software and view it. You can also view the detailed electrical diagram of the vehicle and the sensors and fuses in the vehicle. You can view the wiring diagrams of relay boxes and electronic control units and correct the fault listed in the fault code.

With Jaltest Link, you can test the components in vehicles with defective parts that work mechanically in the vehicle coming for service without any sensor or electronic parts, but you believe there is a mechanical failure. Thanks to this component test, it allows you to visually find a malfunction such as wiper, horn, headlight, signals, stop lamps, engine fan, air conditioning relay, automatic windows in your vehicle and visually find whether the fault is caused by buttons, control switches or the part itself.

Which vehicles does Jaltest appeal to?

Thanks to its diagnostic device, Jaltest can also be used in the diagnosis, instant data, adaptation, coding and calibration processes of special engines produced for construction machinery, agricultural vehicles, marine vehicles and industrial engines. the most widely used CAT in Turkey, Komatsu, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, John Deere, Volvo Penta, Perkins, MTU, Deutz, JCB, Lamborghini, CASE, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Valtra, Krone is produced by Fendt and hundreds of brands. It allows fully authorized operations by connecting to the electronic control units of the vehicles. All you have to do is get a diagnostic cable suitable for the vehicle you want to connect from our product network and connect to your vehicle.


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