About Us


We started our activities under the name of Nitro Bilişim in  2009 and continue our activities with the title of Nitro Mekatronik Automotive  Fault Detection Devices Sanayi Bilişim AŞ. Our headquarters is located in  Adana Seyhan While Kiz Business Center, Ostim Ankara, Ankara, Istanbul and       Istanbul Ikitelli Turkey's 81 provinces, with branch offices located in Maslak We provide the uninterrupted and secure service. We also offer Auto Garage  services in Istanbul İkitelli, Maslak and our central branch, Adana Seyhan. In our garages, there are expert teams in ADAS, Chip Tuning, ECU Programming, ECU  Repair, Fault Detection, DPF, EGR and Adblue, Immo Solutions and Revision       services. With our garage activities, we are in contact with vehicle owners,   institutions and fleets in the passenger car, light commercial and heavy    vehicle groups. With the Franchising framework we established besides our     branches, we have managed to serve end users as well as service providers in  the sector, which is our dream when we set off, by spreading our products and  services to a wider audience. We have been able to provide technical equipment and workforce to meet all expectations regarding automotive electronics in our  garages, which have been operating for about 1 year. we have

Diagnostic Devices, ECU Programming, Voltage Stabilization, Dynomag, Tire Pressure Sensor, Service Catalog Programs and Emulator Sales and After Sales Technical Service, Customer Relations, Auto Garage, Revision, Inhouse Web Interface and Software Development, Import & Our organization,  which includes Export, Education and R&D departments, has young and dynamic  teammates. Sales department we us the most powerful makes respectively Autel,  Launch, Magicmotorsport, Audot to, BIPRO, Cojal the Jaltest, AUTOVI, giving       direction to the sector all over the world as monosodium glutamate companies in       Turkey Sales and After-sales service are the distributorship agreement we made about.We have signed many collaborations with KOSGEB, İŞKUR Technopolis and      Universities with our R&D team. At the same time, with the contributions of  our colleagues who are experts in Coding, Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Design in our R&D team, we are implementing projects that will  keep our organization alive for many years as required by the inevitable Digitalization. Accordingly. With the steps we have taken in the field of  Domestic Production and the projects that we think can reduce our country's       external dependency, we have made export activities visible recently. The most      concrete example of this is the ECUTEST ECUTest Simulation product that can   repair Engine Control Units. There are more than 200 products in our product   range and our goal in the next 10 years is to double our product range with our own productions and to announce our name in the automotive electronics sector  in the world!