Auto Ecu  Repair Course Starts!
Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Auto Ecu Repair Course Starts!

In our Auto Ecu (Ecu) Repair course, in our course, where the solution of chronic malfunctions, the resolution of permanent malfunctions and all auto ecu programming processes are discussed;

Trainings will be given both practically and theoretically on Auto Ecu samples, applications at the vehicle, use of fault detection and ECU programming devices and sample fault codes.

Our training content has been shaped by the experience of long-term studies and developed with applications. The trainings will be shared with the candidates in advance over the comprehensive tools and equipment prepared beforehand. Within the scope of the training, information will be given about how to use the Fault Detection devices.

In addition to technical trainings, information on Automobile Electronics Service workflow, dynamics, Diagrams and environment needs will be provided.

 Our ecu repair course (7-8-9) will be held in Adana Head Office between 04.2021. Our ECU Repair Course Fee will be 5000 TL + VAT. In the purchase of EcuTest Simulator produced by Nitro Mechatronics, 5000 TL will be deducted as a down payment.

Training content (Our Auto Ecu Course will take 3 working days in total, from 5 hours in total: 15 hours in total.)


In the theoretical training session, the participants; A comprehensive training program such as ECU operating system, communication between ECU and sensor, CANBUS operating principles, Can Analyzer Use, EPC Catalog (diagram reading), Jaltest diagrams, part numbers and IMMO usage has been implemented.

Training detail;

First Day;


+ What is the Brain?

+ Relationship Between Brain-Sensor

+ What is CAnbus? How does it work?

+ Using Can Analyzer

+ What is Immo? How does it work? How to Close?

+ Epc Catalog (catalog. Net) Schema reading

+ Jaltest Schemes

+ Part Numbers


+ Brain Reading and Writing with Flex Device (Ford Cargo and Man)

+ Autovei (Immo Off) - Mercedes Euro 5

+ Autovei (FR Matching) - Mercedes

+ Parameter Change with Scania Xcom

+ Multimeter Usage

+ Oscilloscope Training

+ Component Measurement and tests

+ Which Sensor How It Works.

Second Day;


+ Ecutest Promotion

+ Brain Circuit Tracking

+ How to connect the brain with the Diagnostic Device.

+ How to do a Sensor Test without Opening the Brain Cover.

+ Parts Replacement

+ Ecutest will necessarily show tests on different brains.

List of brains to show with Ecutest;

- Ford CArgo Euro 5

- Scania Euro 5

- Mercedes Euro 5

- İveco Strailes Euro 3

- Ford CArgo Euro 3

The Third Day;

- An overview

- Distribution of Certificates

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