ABS Brake Modulator Tester Simulator
Wednesday, February 5, 2020

ABS Brake Modulator Tester Simulator

Our company, which supplies devices such as fault detection devices, brain programming devices, garage test equipment in line with the needs of the automotive industry; It has started to produce the brake modulator test device, in other words the brake test bench, which enables the brake modulators of heavy vehicles to be tested without being on the vehicle.

Why We Developed the Brake Tester Simulator?

According to the 2018 data in Turkey it is located on approximately 22 million motor vehicles. 15% of these are heavy vehicles and have an air brake system. This means approximately 3360000 heavy vehicles. Replacement of modulators in every heavy vehicle costs only 800 € to 1500 € as spare parts. In this context, the revision of the mentioned modulators is of vital importance for our country's economy.

How to Repair a Brake Modulator?

There are not enough workplaces in our country that repair broken brake modulators in the domestic market. This increases the purchase of spare parts from abroad. If an environment is provided for brake masters to perform brake modulator revision instead of supplying new spare parts from abroad, it will be ensured that the money will remain in the domestic market in spare parts.

The trial and error method is followed in the test revision stages of the brake modulators of the existing brake masters in the market. The brake modulator is removed from the heavy vehicle vehicle. Possible defective part of the brake modulator is removed and a new one is installed. The heavy vehicle is mounted on the vehicle again and its test is provided. If the brake modulator failure continues, all operations are repeated for other brake modulator parts. This revision process is costly and time-consuming for brake masters.

As a company, we aim to meet the demands on this issue from the domestic market with the brake test bench we produce by developing the brake modulator test bench that we currently use in our garages. Thus, we aim to reduce the import from the spare parts sector by popularizing the brake modulator revision in our country in the long plan. In the short term, we aim to shorten the brake modulator revision process of brake masters with the brake test simulator with point shot detection and to earn our masters the money lost in trial and error method.

What is the Purpose of Use of Brake Test Simulator Device?

It provides the simulator of heavy vehicle brake modulators on the table without the need for a vehicle and helps in troubleshooting. The device brake simulator we developed allows the brake modulators and air valves to be simulated easily after repair. Therefore, it saves users time and labor by testing the modulator before it is attached to the vehicle after repair.

Our brake test simulator, which we produce for private and authorized services, auto repair services, auto electrical and electronics masters working on brake repair and maintenance, works in harmony with heavy vehicle brake fault detection devices. Therefore, regardless of brand, wabco, knorr and halix brakes can be tested for air leakage and pneumatic tests directly on the test bench. You can also perform tests of brake valves as well as brake modulators without the need for another device.

The brake test bench we have produced is compatible with the Jaltest brake test device. With the Jaltest et brake tester and the brake test bench, you can test wabco, knorr, halix brakes regardless of brand and test the repaired brakes on the bench without attaching them to the vehicle.

Jaltest Electronic test module (ED) is a unit that enables us to test sensors on vehicles and communicate with sensors like a control unit. If there is a problem, it is a unit that allows us to find out where the problem comes from. You can test the brake modules with the Etm tester. This module is an additional module that you can perform calibrations. In addition, we can also test the wheel speed sensor test brake pads. Package Included; ETM Interface ETM Software ETM Cables EBS Modulators ABS / EBS Wheel Speed ​​Sensors Brake Pad Wear Sensor Test Adapter. You can test the brakes of Man, Mercedes, Daf, Scania, Iveco, Renault, Ford, Isuzu and all other truck brands on the table.

When purchasing devices, you can get training on device usage from our Nitro Garage branch in Adana.

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