Autodata Vehicle Repair Catalog Program
Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Autodata Vehicle Repair Catalog Program

Autodata Vehicle Repair Catalog Program

Autodata is an online vehicle repair program that provides innovative solutions and comprehensive technical information to repair shops operating in the automotive after-sales sector. Autodata is an online resource and has proven itself worldwide. It includes automobiles, light commercial vehicles and motorcycles.

Use of Autodata Car Repair Program in Turkey

It provides technical information on maintenance, repair, fault detection and service for vehicles and is highly reliable. This application, which includes the most up-to-date technical information, has also been prepared in Turkish. Having a Turkish version will enable customers to serve more customers in their garages and offer solutions to become more profitable. Application covers ninety percent of vehicles in Turkey. And so workshops in Turkey will have to find a place for themselves and provide a competitive advantage in the automotive market.

Content of Autodata Program

Original technical information for over 34000 models from 142 manufacturers, 92000 wiring diagrams and drawings, 600000 technical procedures described step by step, as well as jack modes, tie rod adjustment, air conditioning maintenance, engine management, battery disconnection and reconnection, malfunction Includes diagnostic and troubleshooting, vehicle system and repair information. It also provides technical information on processes such as tire pressure system (tpms), key programming, brake maintenance, transmission maintenance, engine oil maintenance. And with this online application, 46500 vehicle updates have been made in the last twelve months.

Advantages of Autodata Program for its Users

Autodata's online garage application has been specially developed for use in garages. The program explains the cause of each problem in detail and offers solutions with schemes suitable for the situation. It has over one hundred thousand users all over the world. All information is updated over time, enriched day by day and made easier to use. In this way, auto repair shops can reach effective solutions instantly without the need for any training. This means they have easy access to a worldwide solution. It also means saving time looking for solutions.

8 out of 10 auto repair shops around the world use the full version of the troubleshooting and repair section. The service and maintenance version is the version that is preferred only by garages that provide this service.

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