Automatic Transmission Fluid Change with Launch CAT-501
Saturday, April 25, 2020

Automatic Transmission Fluid Change with Launch CAT-501

There are 3 different filling areas on the device. One of them is the area to put the additive oil, and you can easily carry out your operation with the special filling area directly from the top. The other is the section where you will put the gearbox oil, and this place is filled from the side of the device. In addition, the old oil also accumulates in the third filling chamber during replacement. It is possible to drain the accumulated oil automatically whenever you want. You can see this process in the video. Filling and unloading processes are carried out easily and automatically thanks to the system of the machine.

After the required filling, you can start the process. Regarding the transmission oil change, if you fill the reservoirs in the machine completely, it is used only as much as you specify during the process. This prevents you from taking extra oil treatment to the customer.

Suppose with Launch CAT-501 as an oil change machine, the total reservoir of the vehicle is 7 liters. If you want, you can use 5 liters of oil and change it by recirculating 5 lira. Or, if you have it accepted by the customer, you can use 9 liters or 10 liters of oil to fill the entire chamber with clean oil and completely clean the inside with extra oil. In this way, the problem of how to reflect the extra oil usage to the customer in automatic transmission oil change processes has been removed. Because only the amount you specify is processed.

First of all, you should start with the addition of additive oil. The menu, which is completely in Turkish, guides you. The vehicle must run for 10 minutes before starting the oil change process. For 10 minutes, the gear of the car should change at 1 minute intervals and be in working position. During this process, shifting is not mandatory but is recommended. The vehicle should be left for an average of 1 minute in all gears, especially reverse gear.

It is possible to get a written report after the end of the transactions. The old oil in the Launch gearbox oil change machine can be drained either immediately or after the reservoir is filled, directly through the drain hose. You can contact us for Launch CAT-501 product details or request an introduction.

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