Automechanika 2022 Istanbul Fair Draw!
Monday, May 9, 2022

Automechanika 2022 Istanbul Fair Draw!

Magicmotorsport Flex Kit Ecu Programming and Chiptuning Device for 1 Person

Autel Ts 508 Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor ProgrammingDevice for 1 Person

Autel MD 808 Diagnostic Device for 1 Person

Autodata with 1 Year Online License for 5 Persons

You need to do;

Youtube; Nitro Mechatronics Turkey 👉

Facebook; NitroBilisimcomtr 👉

Instagram; nitrobilisim.comtr 👉

Follow these pages and tag three friends under the post.

Post link 👉

(Magicmotorsport is supplied as a Flex Kit. After the lottery, you can open the product by paying the license fee you want.)

Deadline for Joining is June 5, 2022

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