Autovei Programming Device Usage Areas
Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Autovei Programming Device Usage Areas

With this device, in heavy vehicles; It is possible to perform all operations such as chiptuning, key coding, brain programming. Also using this device does not need internet connection. With the Autovei breakdown device, you can perform it on the whole vehicle or on the table by taking out the vehicle ECU.


With the Autovei diagnostic device used in heavy vehicles, you can do all the operations performed by the authorized service in Man, Mercedes and Iveco vehicles. In addition, you can use the Autovei diagnostic tool in other heavy vehicles such as Scania, Volvo. Autovei is actually a brain programming device. It provides you unlimited possibilities to calculate access codes such as key coding, flash and eeprom, programming etc. In this way, you will complete your transactions in a much shorter time.
In addition, you can perform all these operations very easily by connecting from the obd socket of the vehicle without internet.
It is possible to use the Autovei device both by connecting it to the obd socket and from the desktop. This feature of the Autovei device is especially used in chiptuning operations. In addition, one of the most important features of the Autovei programming device is that it can recover the crashed brain. When the software in the engine brain of the vehicle is damaged, you can reprogram the software.


Since you will do this by connecting directly to the OBD socket, the vehicle is not out of warranty. With the Autovei diagnostic device, Mercedes performs all key coding, key deletion, insertion, chiptuning, brain repair, brain coding and cloning, as well as Mercedes Euro 6 speed limit opening operations in Mercedes vehicles.
With the Autovei device, you can perform FFR matching, brain introduction and key coding on Man trucks other than Mercedes vehicles. You can read and write the pin code on Iveco vehicles.
With the Autovei programming device, you can also perform many operations such as torque boost, AdBlue solutions and deleting permanent fault codes.
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