BMW ECU programming with Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P
Thursday, May 10, 2018

BMW ECU programming with Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P

In this article, we will explain step by step how we can do reflash / programming / coding with Autel Maxisys Pro-MS908P device and J2534 ECU programming device.

Note: Autel MS908P and Autel Maxisys Elite device is the only device on the market that supports online brain programming. You cannot perform these operations with another device without a password.

Car Model: BMW 750Li 2006

Let's proceed step by step now;

Part 1 - Making connections

Step 1 - Connecting the voltage source

* Connect the vehicle to a constant voltage source

* Make sure that the battery clamps are securely fastened.

* Get your Autel MS908P tablet fully charged

Step 2 - Connecting to the Internet

* Connect your Maxisys pro to the internet

* Make sure your internet connection is stable so that you can do it with a healthy ECU program.

* You can make wireless or wireless connection

* Check that the connection is established from the internet connection status icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

Step 3 - Provide J2534 computer programmer connection

* Connect Maxiflash J2534 ECU programmer to MS908P device via USB cable

* Tighten the screws

Step 4 - Connecting to the vehicle

* Connect Maxisys pro ms908p to your car with OBD2 cable

* Currently all links are provided

Part 2 - ECU programming

We start ECU programming at BMW

* Select Diagnostic from the Maxisys pro MS908P menu.

* Select BMW

* Turn off the ignition, wait 10 seconds and turn the ignition back on.

* Click OK and read Vehicle information

* Click CIP (coding, individualizing and programming) for ECU programming

* Vehicle configuration

* Read the data and click Ok to continue. Edit button is available to perform customized SA configuration.

* Make sure everything is correct and delete Vehicle data correctly.

* Click on Ok

* After completion, press Esc key to exit

* Click Yes to save data

* It may take a few minutes for Maxisys to get in touch with the Control unit.

* Confirm whether any control unit has been modified before programming

* Click Yes or No depending on your answer to continue.

* Select SIM for encoding / programming

* Click Selective update to program the specific control module you want separately

* Or perform a batch update by selecting all modules

* We choose to program the SIM

* Click OK for vehicle information

* Click on Execute measures plan to continue

* Turn off the ignition

* Select terminal 15 (contact)

* Before starting the reflashing process, make sure that the network connection and other connections are established.

* Coded! Stored fault data will be deleted.

* Turn off the ignition and remove the key from the key slot with the remote control

* Wait 10 seconds

* Insert the key and turn on ignition with the remote control

* Then move on to the next action. All transactions will be done automatically one by one.

* Do not take any other action at the same time

* The system will notify you after reflashing.

* Click End to finish the ECU reflashing / programming process.

Nitro Bilişim is proud to present Autel products, a professional fault detection and brain programming device, to our esteemed customers, with its experience of over 10 years and its expert team.

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