Can Fault Detection in Electric Vehicles?
Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Can Fault Detection in Electric Vehicles?

Benefits of electric vehicles;

Urban traffic also contributes to the economy as gas consumption is very low. With its special braking system, it saves fuel and reduces maintenance costs with its long lining life. It offers a comfortable ride as it does not vibrate when the electric motor is running.

What are the diagnostic devices you can use in electric vehicles?

In the automotive sector that develops day by day, especially all vehicles manufactured after 1999 have an ECU (Electronic Control Unit). Thanks to this system, you can see the errors in the modules on the vehicle from the dashboard.

In order to see in detail what the malfunctions are and why they are caused, the vehicle's computer (ECU) should be connected to the vehicle's computer (ECU) with a diagnostic device and diagnosed.

The same is true for electric vehicles. A malfunction in the vehicle is seen on the instrument panel. It is necessary to connect with the fault detection device in order to view the cause of the fault and other details. However, not every brand of fault detection device can be connected to the ECU in electric vehicles.

What are Electric Vehicle Diagnostic Devices?

There is a need for state-of-the-art fault detection devices that are produced to detect malfunctions in electric vehicles. Not every diagnostic device available on the market can operate on the engine brains of electric vehicles.

Launch diagnostic devices used in electric vehicles

Launch X-431 Pro4,

Launch X-431 Pro4 Lite,

Launch X-431 Pro Lite,

Launch X-431 CRP MOT

Launch X-431 Pro4

With this professional diagnostic device, it can perform detailed diagnostics on 100 vehicle brands, including old pre-2000 model and electric vehicles. Part activation tests, adaptation and calibration processes can be performed successfully. It can successfully complete service operations such as oil change and brake maintenance. It can display the explanation of all fault codes by making detailed diagnosis. Launch x-431 Pro4 device offers an easy and understandable usage with Turkish language support.

Launc X-431 Pro4 Lite

Unlike the X-431 Pro4, this diagnostic tool is a product that has been released for lower cost, excluding cable sets. All the operations it does are the same as the X-431 pro4 device. It can perform detailed troubleshooting on 100 vehicles, including electric vehicles. It can successfully complete the part activation tests, adaptation and calibration processes. It can perform service operations such as oil change, brake maintenance, Steering Angle Sensor Reset. It enables detailed explanations of all fault codes by performing detailed diagnosis on vehicles. You can use the Launch X-431 Pro4 Lite diagnostic device with Turkish language support without any trouble in your workshops.

LaunchX-431 CRP MOT

This diagnostic device, which can communicate with electric vehicles, is one of the devices that should be found in companies working on electric vehicles with its low cost and high success rate. CRP MOT device used in Turkey market in Europe, Asia, and can interfere with a majority of American vehicles. It can successfully perform fault detection, adaptation and calibration processes on vehicles. You can perform service operations and coding operations. Like other Launch products, the CRP Mot device offers Turkish language support.

We have examined the Launch fault detection devices above, which must be kept in companies operating in electric vehicles. In addition to Launch products, Autel diagnostic devices, which are in the category of universal diagnostic devices, also appear in auto repair shops.

Autel Fault Detection Devices, which should be found in auto expertise companies

Autel MaxiSys Elite

It is one of the highest level devices produced by Autel Company. MaxiSYS Elite device supports more than 80 vehicle brands including USA, Europe and Asia groups and electric vehicles and can perform programming operations in some vehicles. It is faster, more robust and more successful in diagnostics than other devices on the market.

Autel MaxiSYS 908S Pro

It is another top level device produced by Autel Company. It has similar features in terms of the operations it can do with the MaxiSYS Elite Device. It can perform programming operations in diagnostic and some vehicles. The only difference between these two devices is the tablet difference. The tablet of the MaxiSYS Elite device is faster in terms of processor and more elegant in appearance than the tablet of the MaxiSYS 908S Pro device. Other than that, all of its features and operations are the same.

Autel MaxiSYS MS906BT

It is one of the high-end devices produced by Autel Company, the difference from the tablets we have listed above is that it cannot do programming and coding operations in vehicles. In addition, it performs diagnostic and fault detection operations even in electric vehicles. As with other devices, it also successfully performs detailed troubleshooting in vehicles.

Autel MaxiDAS DS808

Autel company is a device that offers a higher rate of success of the Nitro Group Company is the official distributor in Turkey via the first fault detection and diagnostics that have offered valuable users in the market the equivalent transaction device. MaxiDAS DS808 device communicates with electric vehicles and other vehicles via OBDII Socket.

Autel MaxiCheck MX808

This diagnostic device has gained a place in the hearts of users with its high success rate and affordable price on vehicles. MX808 device cannot perform programming on vehicles. With the MX808 device, you can perform troubleshooting in nearly 80 vehicle brands.

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