Can you diagnose your personal vehicle with your phone or tablet?
Saturday, May 9, 2020

Can you diagnose your personal vehicle with your phone or tablet?

Smartphone technology

Smart phones are mobile communication devices developed by adding PDA features to mobile phones. They work with mobile operating systems. It can be used actively for many different purposes and applications can be found for almost every job.

You will use in phones and tablets; There are applications where you can perform many operations such as fault detection, Dpf Regeneration, battery reset for your personal vehicle. As Nitro Bilişim Family, we investigated the costs of the work that you can do, and we figured out what you can do with the smallest application you can install on your phone or tablet.

Fees for simple transactions made to your vehicles in Private Service or Authorized services?

- Making Fault Detection Procedure for Your Vehicle - Between 50 TL and 150 TL

- Dpf Regeneration in Case of Clogged Diesel Particulate Filter of Your Vehicle - Between 50 TL and 150 TL

- To have a battery reset if you install a new battery in your vehicle - Between 50 TL and 150 TL

- To make your vehicle maintenance and oil reset - Between 50 TL and 150 TL

- Burning of Seat Occupancy Sensor and Deleting Temporary Faults - Between 50 TL - 150 TL

- You changed the Injectors of your vehicle and the injector coding - between 100 TL - 200 TL

You can think of many processes like these, and when you add all of them, little by little, your monthly cost will be very high.

How to diagnose your personal vehicle with your phone and tablet?

There are andorid, ios and tablets in every home and person.

Autel MaxiAp AP200 model is a fast and professional diagnostic device that can be installed on phones with Android or Ios operating system and can instantly communicate with the vehicle and diagnose vehicles.

What are the procedures you will do with the Autel MaxiAp 200 Diagnostic Tool?

- You can diagnose and even delete error codes.

- Oil Maintenance reset,

- Dpf (Diesel Particulate Filter) regeneration,

- Putting the electronic parking brake into service mode,

- Brake Air gap removal,

- Tire pressure sensor reset,

- Steering angle sensor reset,

- Injector Coding

- Immo pairing etc. You can easily perform all operations.

Concerns About the Autel Ap200 Diagnostic Device for the End User

Thanks to AutoV's technology, it instantly reads the vehicle's chassis and can automatically find the vehicle brand model. It supports all vehicle groups including Europe, Asia and North America.

Available in 15 languages. The language of use is English. Turkish Language update will be added very soon.

You can diagnose your personal vehicle with Autel Ap200 Android and Ios Phones. It is an application.

Autel Ap200 Fault Detection Device is a device for the end user produced by Autel Company. Autel Turkey Official Distributor Nitro is Informatics.

It has an easy to use and simple interface.

How to Use Autel Ap200 Diagnostic Tool?

1 stage

After downloading the Ap200 application to your Android or ios based devices, you have completed your installation after completing the phrases such as serial number, name, surname, phone number on your device.

Stage 2

After clicking the application, clicking the single brand you choose and automatically scanning, the system will automatically scan the brand model and chassis number of your vehicle. Before these operations, check whether your phone or tablet's bluetooth settings are turned on.

Stage 3

Whatever you want to do in the Recognized Vehicle, you can detect the fault in a professional way. You can perform the reset.

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