What are the Features and Supported Brands of Jaltest Tractor Diagnostic Device?
Wednesday, March 24, 2021

What are the Features and Supported Brands of Jaltest Tractor Diagnostic Device?

Tractor Diagnostic Device

Tractor; It is a type of motor vehicle used in industry and agriculture, with a trailer on the back, used in agricultural operations and for carrying loads. It is mainly used in the agricultural sector and is often an indispensable tool for flat land cultivation. In case of malfunction, a malfunction detection device is required for the determination of the malfunction and for the maintenance and control of the vehicle.

You can easily diagnose your tractors with the Jaltest brand tractor diagnostic device, which is the official distributor of Nitro Mechatronics.

Jaltest diagnostic device is a universal device with packages such as heavy vehicles, marine, bus, construction equipment, trailer / trailer, agricultural vehicles. Jaltest tractor diagnostic device is the device used in agricultural machinery. Since the Jaltest AGV package is specially produced for agricultural machinery, it is used very efficiently in vehicles in the agricultural sector and is very effective in troubleshooting and troubleshooting agricultural vehicles. It is preferred by everyone involved in agriculture and farming, as it quickly diagnoses malfunctions that may occur in tractors and provides quick solutions.

Jaltest fault detection device is a universal device that appeals to the heavy vehicle group. Since jaltest addresses quite a lot of brands and models in the whole heavy vehicle group with a single computer and a single device, rather than brand-specific devices, a more practical breakdown can be intervened without increasing transaction confusion and cost. There are special packages for vehicle groups. It is used for testing and detection of faults in all agricultural vehicles with the AGV package in tractors. It is appreciated by its users with its fast and easy use.

Features of Jaltest Tractor Diagnostic Tool

  • Detailed explanation of fault codes and part location display procedures
  • Parameter and setting change, part operation tests, calibration processes
  • Creating detailed technical information and wiring diagram
  • Automatic system scan
  • Transmission, engine hydraulic settings, pneumatic and body electronics

Brands Supported by Jaltest Tractor Diagnostic Device

Belarus MTZ, Buhler Versatile, Carraro, Case Ih, Caterpillar, Challanger, Claas, Deutz-Fahr, Dieci, Energreen, Faresin, Fendt, Franz Kleine, Gregoire, Hurlimann, JCB, John Deere, Kamaz, Krone, Valtra, Valpadana, Ursus , Steyr, Same, Ropa, Renault, New Holland, MTS-Sandel, Merlo, McCormick, Massey Ferguson, Manitou, Mac Don, Lindner, Laverda, Landini, Lamborghini, Kubota and Valtra

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