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What is a heavy vehicle?

Heavy vehicle is defined in the National Heavy Vehicle Law as a vehicle with a gross vehicle mass or a total trailer mass of more than 4.5 tonnes. The mass of a vehicle is the maximum that it can weigh when fully loaded, as specified by the manufacturer.

For example, heavy vehicle types are;


B-double load trucks

Road trains

Passenger buses

Vehicle carriers

Livestock and other agricultural equipment

Mobile cranes and other special purpose vehicles.

Heavy Vehicle Brains

Mercedes Brains:

Axor, Atego, Actros, Arocs - EURO6 MCM MP4, EURO5-4-3 PLD engine control unit - FMR, FR, CPC module - CPC3 MP4 - ASTronic - EPS, EPS 3 - EHZ - PSM - Wabco VCS II - ABS ASR Knorr , Bosch - ADM 2 - BS 2 - EBS EPB - Display

Ford Cargo Brains:

Engine control unit EDC7

HS Light II - HSLight - EDS - FORD ODP Lite - FORD ODP2 Lite

Man Brains:

Wabco ECAS - EBS - Engine control unit EDC 7, EU31, C3, C32, UC31, C1, C4 - Adblue Unit - Wabco MAN ZBR 2 - EST 42, EST 48

MAN T200 - MAN-cats II 14.01 - MAN-cats III - MANTIS - MANWIS

Iveco Brains:

Engine control unit EDC 7, EU31, C3, C32, UC31, C1, C4 - EBS - ABS

ELTRAC VCI - ECI - Iveco E.A.S.Y 14.1 - Iveco EASY

DAF Brains:

Engine control unit CF 85 Delphi - Engine control unit EDC 7, EU31, C3, C32, UC31, C1, C4 - EBS EPB BS

VCI-560 MUX - DAF Davie XDc II Runtime 5.6.1 - DAF Davie Application 95.00

Scania Brains:

Ride control coordinator 7 COO7 - Engine control unit EMS, S6, S7, S8 - Wabco VCS II - EBS

VCI1 VCI2 VCI3 VCI 1 2 3 - CDEV / ECOM / XCOM - Scania SDP3 2.42.1

Volvo Brains:

TRW ECU - Engine control unit EDC M7 - ABS - EBS - AS Tronic

88894000 - Volvo Tech Tool (TT) 2.7.xx - IMPACT 2019

Renault Controls:


Renault Tech Tool - Renault Diag NG10 - Diagnostica + 3.2

Cummins Brains:

CM850 engine control unit -

INLINE 6/7 - INSITE 8.5 - Cummins INSITE 8.5.2 Pro Plus - Cummins INCAL 2019 DVD

 With the Ecutest brain fault detection device produced by Nitro Mekatronik, you can easily find and repair brain malfunctions in heavy vehicles. Brain repairs can also be carried out by Nitro Mekatronik and you can continue your journey comfortably with your vehicles.

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