How Is Machine ECU Repair Performed?
Thursday, October 1, 2020

How Is Machine ECU Repair Performed?

Nitro Mekatronik Ecutest device is produced by the firm made a great impact in Turkey and all over the world. It has presented the device that performs the brain repair of vehicles with point shots.

The Ecutest ECU (brain) test simulator is designed to detect faults in the control unit of an automobile engine and repair the faulty brain. Ecutest KF-1500 Brain Test Simulator makes heavy vehicle ECU, passenger car brain repair, working ECU test and indicator repair very easy. It will connect the appropriate socket to the ECU and test it on the vehicle.

During the ECU selection, all vehicle-specific parameters will be loaded and the server will automatically upload the necessary information. Due to the use of applications, slot diagrams and socket diagrams, the database (created by Nitro Mechatronics) is loaded into the selected ECU server. It will be shown through photos and videos. After the connection is established, the ECU will reflect the voltage required by the injectors, sensors and valve outputs on the screen. If there is an error in the ECU, the error section will be displayed in red. After repairing the ECU and resolving the error, you will see the automatically corrected red on the screen. The simulated ECU will provide an environment as if you are working on a car, and thanks to the accelerator pedal it can work on all motion sensors and parameters. Therefore, the real time value in the ECU can be viewed through the ECU-Tester.

With Ecutest brain repair equipment, it is very important for businesses that want to perform ECU repair, brain testing, black shaft brain testing and engine brain repair operations such as fuel injector testing, indicator testing and brain tests. Ecu test is a brain repair device produced with today's most advanced technology. The equivalent brain repair device can be used as an analog device, and the ECU tester can operate completely digitally and its software can be provided online via the server.

Crank and Camshaft Input Test, Injector Test, Immobilizer Test, Input Test of All Sensors, Repair of Control Units, Gear lever test, Ecu repair operations are carried out.

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