Mercedes Adblue Analysis
Saturday, March 20, 2021

Mercedes Adblue Analysis

Diesel (diesel) consuming vehicles in the traffic provide more harmful gas emission to the environment than those using gasoline and LPG. Produced for vehicles that provide diesel fuel consumption, AdBlue is a fuel that has been made mandatory for use in all new generation diesel vehicles. Due to this situation, while the new generation vehicles called euro 4, euro 5 and euro 6 are being produced, an AdBlue fuel tank is added to the vehicles.

    AdBlue's working mechanism in vehicles such as Mercedes; In vehicles with EURO 4 and EURO 5 engines, before the exhaust gases reach the SCR catalyst, the exhaust gas is injected into the exhaust gas with an injector. The high heat generated in the exhaust system converts the AdBlue additive into ammonia. Then, as ammonia and the counter-nitrogen oxygen penetrate the SCR catalysts, they react with each other and turn into two components that are not harmful to the atmosphere, namely nitrogen and water vapor.

All major truck and bus manufacturers in Europe have models that require AdBlue. One of them is a world giant brand like Mercedes. More specifically, AdBlue is stored in a separate tank and is not mixed with diesel or other types of fuel. It is used with a system called SCR Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR Selective Catalytic Reduction System).

    AdBlue consumption conditions in Turkey is more difficult than in other European countries. When the AdBlue fuel is exhausted or the system fails, the vehicle efficiency drops up to 40%. With the decrease in vehicle efficiency, the traction and the performance of the vehicle also decrease at the same rate. High costs may arise for the repair of the system. In the past, AdBlue malfunctions could be temporarily solved with resistance cables. Nowadays, thanks to the advancing technology, temporary solutions are now permanently solved with the help of the Mercedes AdBlue Emulator, which is called the Mercedes AdBlue analysis device.
    In vehicles equipped with AdBlue system –Mercedes, Scania, DAF– ADBlue malfunctions can be solved easily and with more affordable costs with the device called AdBlue Emulator. Thanks to the Mercedes AdBlue Emulator, there is no power loss in the vehicle. When using the Mercedes Adblue emulator, you can see that no fault warning light is on on the vehicle warning panel or in the diagnostic system, but it goes off.

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