How to Repair Ford VCM2 Diagnostic Tool?
Tuesday, May 5, 2020

How to Repair Ford VCM2 Diagnostic Tool?

What is Ford Diagnostic Tool?

Ford VCM2 diagnostic tool is an original service device used by authorized and special services. With this device, you can perform detailed diagnostics on all light commercial and passenger vehicles with ford engines. You can perform all service operations and programming except diagnostic operations.

With the Ford diagnostic device, you can perform key coding operations on Ford vehicles up to 2010 without the authorized service password. In vehicle models after 2010, the authorized service password must be obtained in order to perform such coding operations. Ford diagnostic device facilitates their work by making automatic recognition on vehicles. In addition, you can perform operations such as fault code reading deletion, key coding, injector coding, dpf regeneration, steering angle reset on vehicles. In this article, we will talk about what you can do for faults in Ford VCM II fault detection devices and Ford VCM2 repair and stages in Nitro Mektronik branches.

How to Repair Ford VCM2?

The technology that is developing and renewed every day has also greatly affected the automobile industry. Thanks to technology, vehicles that were manually repaired before have almost completely switched to electronic systems with new vehicles. In such a case, it has become impossible to detect and repair faults in vehicles manually. For the detection and solution of faults in vehicles, fault detection devices that will communicate with the ECU were required.

However, as in the fate of every electronic material, it is natural for fault detection devices to fail. Detection of electronic faults in vehicles becomes almost impossible due to malfunctions in fault detection devices. In addition, malfunctions in your devices can cause delays in workshops and even customer losses.

In case the Ford VCM2 repair device fails, it is sufficient to deliver your device to the nearest Nitro Mechatronics branch. It will then begin repairing the device. After the device records are opened, the malfunctions that occur in the device that reach our branches are immediately detected by our expert staff. Then, our technical support team will inform you about the condition of the device and the repair fee that may be charged. If you approve, the repair of the device starts immediately. You are informed by our staff in order to receive your device, whose repair was completed as soon as possible with great care.

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