Is AdBlue Solved On Ford Heavy Vehicle Euro 6 Obd?
Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Is AdBlue Solved On Ford Heavy Vehicle Euro 6 Obd?

What is Adblue?

The Adblue fluid used to reduce the exhaust emission value in diesel engine vehicles consists of 32.5% purified urea and 67.5% pure water. This emission fluid, used in vehicles with selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) system, reduces the nitrogen oxide in the exhaust gas. The liquid sprayed on the high temperature exhaust gas from the diesel engine turns into ammonia with the effect of heat and reacts with the nitrogen oxide formed as a result of diesel combustion. Thus, the fragmented waste gas turns into harmless nitrogen and water vapor. This system does not work in vehicles with Adblue solution processes and the air is more polluted.

What Does Adblue Do?

Burning fuel in the engine is released into the atmosphere through systems such as Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). Although this filter system is effective on carbon gases, it cannot be said to be effective when it comes to nitrogen gases. In order to minimize the damage of nitrogen gas, which is harmful to nature, the vehicles have an SCR system. In cases where the filter system is insufficient, the SCR catalyst works with AdBlue liquid and prevents harmful nitrogen gases from escaping from the exhaust and into the atmosphere. Emission values ​​are significantly reduced with the adblue liquid, which minimizes the nitrogen gas emission that causes the degradation of natural flora and acid rain. Contrary to popular belief, the Adblue solution is not a fuel, it does not reduce the fuel consumption of the vehicle and does not increase performance.

Is AdBlue Error Applied To Ford Euro 6 Vehicles Via OBD Socket?

The Adblue system is a system that often fails. It causes problems for the owners of the vehicle in unfortunate places and in unfavorable weather conditions and causes the torque of the vehicle to decrease. However, vehicle owners in our country are not satisfied with this system. That's why vehicle owners are looking for solutions for AdBlue error resolution.

There are several different methods for adblue error in Ford Cargo heavy vehicles. At the beginning of these methods are processes such as adblue error eraser emulators and ECU software and adblue solutions.

With the BITBOX device, which enables you to make the AdBlue error solution for Ford Cargo Euro 6 vehicles via the OBD socket, you can make changes to the current software of the vehicle without even opening the ECU cover, and you can solve the errors of the Adblue system. In addition to the Adblue error, you can also perform DPF solutions and Chiptuning operations with this device.

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