How to Check Ebs Brake System with Jaltest Diagnostic Device?
Monday, April 27, 2020

How to Check Ebs Brake System with Jaltest Diagnostic Device?


EBS (electronic braking system) is the system that provides the best control during braking in a vehicle. ABS (ie anti-lock control system) and ASR (anti-slip system) are a brake system that works in a single system. It is very important that the electronic control system reacts in less time than conventional pneumatic systems and offers a safer drive on the road.

EBS consists of a fully pneumatically operated two-circuit system and a single-circuit electro-pneumatic system above it. The single-circuit electro system part consists of two ABS valves from the rear axle modulator with the help of a central control, and a proportional relay for the front axle with a brake value transmitter.

Brake value transmitter determines the depressing amount of the brake pedal and sends information to the control unit. At the same time, it allows the passage of air flow according to the brake pedal position.

Electronic Control Unit

Sensors control the braking by sending signals to the magnetic valve of each wheel with the signals received by the rear axle modulator and the brake value transmitter.

Proportional Relay Valve: Measures the brake pressure applied on the front axle and notifies the ECU (Electronic Control Unit).

ABS Solenoid Valves: It receives the appropriate tire pressure signal determined by the ECU (electronic control unit) and increases or decreases the passage of compressed air according to the situation.

Redundancy Valve: It allows the pressure to be kept at a constant value when a malfunction occurs in the pneumatic system.

Axle Modulator: Used to measure rear axle brake wheel pressures. With the wear of the brake pads on the rear tire, it sends the information received from the sensors to the control unit.

The EBS control works in the order that the skid evaluates the measurement of the deceleration. Skidding and deceleration are determined by the changes in the measured wheel and the number of revolutions.

EBS improves stability in all road conditions. It removes unnecessary stress associated with their posture in emergency situations. This type of sudden stable response is not applicable in normal pneumatic brake systems.

You need a device where you can perform detailed diagnosis, diagnosis and repair operations on EBS (Electronic Brake System) and perform detailed testing of brake modules. Normal diagnostic devices are not sufficient for brake computer repair. With the Jaltest ETM device, it can perform detailed tests and repairs of brake brains. With ETM, which you can use in heavy vehicles, you can easily understand and repair the malfunctions and errors that occur by performing a modulator test on the brakes. Thanks to this system, you can check the failure in the brake modules without changing all the modules.

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