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What is Diesel Particulate Filter?

Diesel particulate filters (DPF) are found in some Euro 4 vehicles and all Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicles and are part of the development to meet emission standards.

The filter is similar to honeycomb structure and can contain and retain solid particles harmful to the environment in the exhaust gas. However, the content of these particles held in the filter will increase over time and may cause clogging and other causes. The pressure sensor measures the amount of soot remaining in the diesel particle filter. When the critical soot level is detected in the filter and the appropriate conditions are met, the regeneration process starts.

In some cases, the vehicle cannot complete the regeneration process and the soot level prevents the engine from operating efficiently. In this case, the DPF mark may appear on the display screen. When this warning appears, the vehicle must be driven for a while at a constant speed and at high revs. In automatic vehicles, this process can be done by shifting the gear lever to the manual position. When the vehicle starts to be driven at high speed, the engine management system sends more fuel and raises the exhaust gas temperature. When the exhaust gas temperature reaches approximately 600 ° C, the regeneration process begins and the solids are converted to drying by burning. In some cases, this process may not work well, the DPF or the vehicle's engine fault lamp will not go out, and the vehicle will lose power. If this is the case, the vehicle must be serviced and repaired using a fault locator.

What are the causes of DPF clogging?

Low-quality fuel, Long-term low-speed driving and stop-and-go, Long-idle vehicles, Using the wrong oil feature.

If necessary precautions are not taken even in the case of regeneration, all DPFs found in new diesel vehicles will become contaminated and may need to be replaced.

Fault Solutions How To Solve?

devices we support Turkey in all we made the distributorship and diagnostic devices provide again the opening of clogged diesel particulate filters. Launch or Autel devices are extremely successful devices in these processes. Not only for the diesel particulate filter, it is not only for the diesel particle filter, it is not only for the diesel particle filter, but also for reading and deleting fault codes, detailed fault checking, viewing diagnostic records, viewing real-time data, determining engine brain mileage, entering electronic parking brake maintenance mode, turning off service and oil maintenance lights, steering angle sensor reset, many processes such as injector coding, gearbox coding, adaptation and reset.

In addition, with the DPF Cleaning Device Dpf CleanPro device, you can perform filter cleaning by preserving the emission and original values.

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