Tuesday, March 27, 2018


The Mercedes Benz Star Diagnostic Connect device is compatible with all Mercedes vehicles from 1991 to the latest model. It is the original test device that provides 100% access to new generation vehicles and also has Turkish software support. Mercedes c5 is a mercedes authorized service device.


Ability to test systems ABS ASR Air Conditioning SRS MPL GM Security System DASX OBD II system

Fault - Reading and erasing the error code

Reading live values

Adapting to all systems and parts

Coding all engine, chassis, body and display modules

Switch configuration

WIS: It is the software that contains important information such as part information of vehicles, wiring diagrams, part locations, intervention information, disassembly and assembly information. It allows the vehicle to access all its information from the chassis number.

Adaptation - Calibration Procedures

Adblue Solutions;

Detailed diagnosis can be made for vehicles using the Mercedes engine.

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Gökhan | an month ago

Mercedes Arıza Tespit Cihazı parametrelemeleri , Debriyaj Tanıtımını , Hata kodlarını detaylı inceleyeceğiniz Mercedes yetkili servis cihazıdır.

Hayriye | an month ago

Hata kodlarını detaylı göstermesi, kalibrasyon ayarlarını yapabilmemiz çok başarılı 👍🏻

Cumali | an month ago

Euro5 ve Euro6 araçlarda gayet başarılı bulduğum bir cihaz.

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