Mercedes Diagnostic Device Faults and Solutions
Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Mercedes Diagnostic Device Faults and Solutions

What is a Mercedes diagnostic tool?

The Mercedes-Benz diagnostic tool is a highly professional diagnostic tool that supports the latest generation vehicles. This device can be easily connected to all passenger, light commercial and heavy vehicle groups of Mercedes.

From past to present, it is offered for sale in the market as Mercedes C3, C4 and C5.

Mercedes Diagnostic Device Faults and Solutions

Your Mercedes diagnostic tool will lose its robustness due to bad use after years, various malfunctions.

will be able to remove.

What are the possible malfunctions you may encounter with the Mercedes diagnostic device?

30-31 lead error

Communication error

Gatwey error

Contact error

00 error

Device not turning on error

Low voltage

Connecting with cable not connecting with wi-fi

Network issues

You may encounter problems such as No Screen Error.

So why does it give these problems?

Disruption of the computer IP, disconnection or lack of contact in the obd intermediate cable, failure to power the device, crash of the device software, failure of your ethernet cable or failure of the computer ethernet socket input, various malfunctions caused by overheating on the motherboard of your device, etc. You may encounter errors such as.

What Should Be Done When Mercedes Diagnostic Tool Fails?

When the Mercedes (c4, c5) fault detection device is out of order, you can send it to our branches in Adana, Istanbul and Ankara, you can call us at our contact number, and we can direct you to our nearest branch according to the fault condition. For communication

You can connect to the technical service department by calling 0850 755 0230.

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