Sunday, May 5, 2019


ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is a part that enables the control of the systems we call as the brain of the vehicles. It also means engine brain. Also known as ECM or PCM on some vehicles.

There are many sensors in the vehicles and the task of these sensors is to transmit live data to the ECU. ECU controls the operation of the engine in the vehicle, controls it and calculates its parameter.

Nowadays, the increasing cost of zero ECU and ECU revision is increasing in importance as a result of the changes in the domestic market.

Most of the time, malfunctioning engine control units are thrown to the garbage, instead of using zero ECU.

This increases our country's dependence on abroad and eats from the national wealth.

In order to prevent all this, brain repair is carried out within Nitro Bilişim.

ECU repair of Scania vehicles in our Istanbul and Adana offices is carried out by our company. We offer you fast and professional repair and renewal of all electronic Control Units.

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