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The part that gives the first movement to the engine of the vehicle is the starter dynamo. When you get in the vehicle and turn the ignition, the electric power taken from the battery is activated, the gears on the flywheel rotate and make the vehicle's engine run. When you release the ignition, the function of the starter motor ends and it stops by pulling back the gear that moves the flywheel. The starter does not have any other function until you restart the vehicle.

Parts of Starter Dynamo:

  • Body
  • Pinion
  • Strator
  • Magnet
  • Brush (Charcoal)
  • • Starter Solenoid

How Does Starter Dynamo Work?

When each electric motor receives the energy, it transmits the electricity to the strand (winding) with the brush (coal) and thus creates a magnetic pole and the magnets around it begin to rotate the stator with the principle of attracting each other and the principle of repulsion. This rotation movement is taken from the output shaft and the need is used almost there.

What Are Starter Faults?

Due to the structure of the starter, its malfunctions arising from being a simple electric motor are also limited. Generally, the stator fails, and this happens when the insulation of the windings inside is broken and it leaks into the body. When the brushes, that is, their coals are exhausted, electricity cannot be transmitted to the strator. In such cases, the motor does not work and its bearings may wear out, break, rust, and these situations cause noise and balance during operation. The starter does not cause any other mixed malfunctions.

What happens if the starter dynamo fails?

If the starter dynamo fails, the vehicle will not start. It can make a sound in the starting state, when you press the starter it does not make any movement as if the battery is dead, and if you press the starter, the starter motor turns very fast and the motor does not move. The gear does not retract after the start and stays engaged even though the car runs and you release the key.

Faults and Symptoms of Starter Dynamo

If there is a rubbing noise from the starter;

This sound indicates that the bearing of the dynamo is broken. In such cases, the starter motor should be removed and the bearing should be replaced. If the necessary repair is not made, the strator may come into contact with the body with the balance in the future and may cause large expenses.

If there is no movement although the starter is pressed and the starter motor does not turn;

It indicates that the coals that transmit electricity to the strata are exhausted. The brush (Charcoal) is pushed forward with the force of the spring behind it, and its contact is made to the strator conductors. Over time, they wear out due to friction, and when the contact with the conductor is interrupted at the last point, no electricity goes to the strand, and although you start the engine, there is no sound and no movement from the engine as if the battery is exhausted. This situation has no prior indication. The easiest way to solve when there is a malfunction in the starter, when you hit the starter with a hard object, after 2-3 strokes, the brushes touch the engine with the effect of the impact and make it run. If this does not happen, you can also run manual tools by pushing them.

Cranks But Engine Does Not Turn;

If this happens to you, it may be caused by either the starter automatic or the flywheel breakage. The starter solenoid ensures that the starter gear combines with the flywheel and disengages when you release the starter. If the automaton is broken, this movement will not occur and the gear will turn to idle where it is. If it does not improve after a few tries, push the vehicle to start it. It is recommended to replace it at the first signs of failure.

Starter Gear Remains Engaged After Vehicle Starts;

In this case, the part related to the starter solenoid must be changed.

Nowadays, revision is getting more and more important with increasing spare parts prices. Revision benefits both the national economy and your budget.

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