Things to Consider After Windshield Replacement
Saturday, May 2, 2020

Things to Consider After Windshield Replacement

Things to Consider After Windshield Replacement

With the increase in car technology and mass production in the world, the number of cars is also increasing. Cars have become a necessity, not a luxury. People are now buying a car separately for each parent who has stopped using a single car. As a result of this situation, accidents are also increasing in this direction. There are some points that need to be considered after the replacement of windshields that are broken or broken as a result of an accident or an impact.

The Autel device we will be talking about allows your vehicle to be professionally calibrated after windshield replacement.

With the Autel Maxisys ADAS calibration device, you can smoothly calibrate the namesake systems of new generation vehicles after an accident or change.

Autel Maxisys Adas Calibration Device

Produced by AUTEL, the MaxiSYS Adas device is a professional calibration device used by private services. Unfortunately, repairs made after an accident in new model cars disrupt the sensitivity and adjustment of the sensors. The Adas device perfectly calibrates the vehicles thanks to its improved system with camera. It is an ideal device for post-accident repair, glass replacement and calibration of camera, radar, lidar and ultrasound systems.

* Flexible, precise and comprehensive

* Replaceable Modular Calibration Frame Carried By Wheels And Pulleys With Easily Adjustable Panels

* Wireless diagnostic device that provides easy follow-up of the calibration process graphically and can detect bidirectional fault detection.


You can easily and precisely adjust the calibration frame panels during the leveling process to ensure the vehicle is centered accurately when facing targets for calibration. Depending on vehicle manufacturer systems that require calibration procedures, you can mount interchangeable panels and targets in the modular calibration frame.


With its easy-to-use Android navigation, it guides technicians to quickly diagnose system errors and perform step-by-step calibration.

Adas Tablet is instructive and easy to use thanks to its step-by-step instructions. In this way, you can follow the process step by step. Thanks to its wide range of cars, it can be used in almost all vehicles on the market.

Device features;

Faster 1.3 GHz + 1.7 GHz hexa-core processor

J2534 Maxiflash Elite for programming at OE level

Bluetooth VCI for wireless vehicle communication

Automatic VIN / automatic scanning of all available modules in all systems

Bi-directional diagnosis for coding and activations

Advanced Service Features / Whole System fault detection

Complete kit comes with carrying case

It offers you easy installation with bi-directional fault detection support and all fine detailed calibration settings...

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