What is Jaltest Diagnostic Device?
Tuesday, March 23, 2021

What is Jaltest Diagnostic Device?

What is Jaltest Diagnostic Device?

The Jaltest Diagnostic Device is a universal diagnostic device and it is a device that enables diagnostic operations on many electronic systems such as heavy vehicles, heavy vehicles, agricultural equipment, cleaning vehicles, buses, trucks and brake systems with the Jaltest device. With the new system, Jaltest cleaning tools, which can successfully communicate with many vehicles, can perform the adaptation calibration of the latest produced cleaning tools such as the brooms you see on the streets and you can see the electrical - current diagrams.

With Jaltest cleaning tools diagnostic devices, you can successfully perform troubleshooting on cleaning tools such as brooms. The broom cleaning tools, previously included in the OHW (Work Machine) package, have been arranged in response to demands. The Jaltest diagnostic device allows you to operate on vehicles in general, such as brooms you see on the road.

Jaltest cleaning tools diagnostic devices support cleaning tools brands such as ASH AUSA, BUCHER, CMAR, DULEVO, ELGIN, EUROVOIRIE, HAKO, JOHNSTON, MATHIEU-YNO, NILFISK, PIAGGIO, RAVO, SCHMIDT, TENAX vacuum cleaners.

With Jaltest cleaning tools diagnostic devices, you can perform the following troubleshooting on cleaning vehicles:

Read fault code, delete

View live values

Adaptation, calibration

Viewing electrical schematics

Part tests

Sensor information

Package Included:

Jaltest CV Kit Set

JDC203A Cable

JDC206A Cable

JDC217M3 Cable

JDC523A Cable

JDC526A Cable

Street Sweepers software activation

The Jaltest cleaning tools diagnostic tool program is completely in Turkish and the use of the Jaltest device, which offers the same interface for each vehicle group, is very simple. You can perform operations such as reading error codes, deleting and changing parameters on vehicles. You can see the error codes in detail, as well as perform your adaptation and calibration processes. You can examine the causes and solutions of error codes in Turkish.

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